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    Homemade hopper for our Crankenstien

    GO WV! Homemade license plate hopper:
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    Help with understanding batch sparging measurements

    OK, so last weekend I did a 10 gallon batch but I'm not exactly sure I got the water amounts right and I'm wondering how much I'm supposed to use and why? I used 30 lb of grain and needed about 12 gallons pre boil according to pro mash. If that's the case, how much water should I have used...
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    Brew Day 7/14 - Martinsburg, WV

    The Eastern Panhandle Brewer's Society will be having a brew day at one of our member's houses this Saturday, 7/14, at 10AM. If you're interested in stopping out, check out the Facebook page linked above and send me a message for directions.
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    Thai Basil Ale questions

    This weekend I want to attempt to make a 10 gallon batch of Thai Basil Ale. What I want to do is come up with a basic pale ale recipe and use thai basil at the flame out and/or in secondary. I'm sure there's someone here with some kind of knowledge or experience on this; I need to know how...
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    Does thick wort = thick beer?

    Our wort boiled down a bit too much and we had to ad water. It's a porter and had the consistency of motor oil. If we wouldn't have watered it down and would have just pitched the yeast (assuming we would have had yeast that would have withstood 1.08-1.085 OG) would the final product have ended...
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    Eastern WV, Mid MD, and NW VA

    If anyone lives in the area and is interested, I started a FB page for local brewers. I have brewer friends from the area and figure it would be a good way to keep connect and have a local community to could do brew days and share resources...
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    Increasing ABV in the mash?

    Would it be possible for me to do a 2nd mash with wort from the first mash to increase the ABV of a brew? The recipe has something like 1.052 with a grain bill of 11.25lbs of grain. If I do a 2nd mash with the first running reheated to strike temp and run it through, and mash another 4-5lbs...
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    Need help with the mash

    I'm doing my first AG brew day on Saturday and I'm making 10 gallons of a Tripel. The recipe calls for 25lbs of grain, and that's including base and specialty. With the standard 1.25 quarts of water per lb, that comes out to 7.81 gallons. The first problem is, I'm using a 10 gallon...
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    Help me choose a mashtun

    I'm picking up a sanke keg tonight for a brew kettle and I'd like to get a mashtun. I've seen setups on Midwest going for $250 for two coolers, but I'm figuring it can be done for cheaper. A friend of mine uses a sanke keg to mash in as well as a second for a brew kettle, but I don't have access...
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    Hops for beginners?

    Are there any good resources that can be recommended for learning about hops. Me and a buddy have about all we need to start doing all grain and I was thinking for the first 10-15 gallons we could make the same beer and pick one ingredient to change up over all three, like the hops. The...
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    Keggle valve - weld or not?

    I'm picking up a keg this weekend (sanke?) that I'm turning into a keggle. I believe it's aluminum. I have a friend who welds, should I have the spigot welded on or not? Does it matter?
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    What happens if you don't get a good boil?

    So I did a pumpkin ale at a friend's house the other night and his stove wasn't strong enough to get a really strong boil. It was just enough to reach the boiling temp, but not a full rolling boil like my other batches. We still pitched it. It has an OG of about 1.053 and it's happily bubbling...
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    I can't get head.

    Two beers on tap, both of which are carbonated, and neither has any type of head. One is all grain and one is a True Brew Belgian ale kit. Where do I start if I'm trying to fix this...other than working on my pickup lines?
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    Force carbing - Tank in or out of Keezer?

    Should the CO2 tank go in or out of the Keezer? Does it matter? I saw the nifty chart and when the CO2 is cold, it's denser, so if the regulator from the tank is showing 12PSI while in the keezer, is that going to be more accurate than if the tank is out of the keezer? Is the chart made with...
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    Force carbing two kegs with one disconnect?

    Is it possible to force carb two kegs with only one disconnect? Say if I put switch the disconnect between kegs every so often for a week?
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    True brew Belgian stuck

    I have a true brew Belgian kit that's stuck. It's been 7-8 weeks and it's at 1.018 that should be at 1.005 or so. It was fine tasting it two weeks ago, but now it taste really bitter. Should I keg it and let it sit for a while or what should I do with it? I have an electric blanket so I could...
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    Freezer flooded

    I have a freezer with a keg, chudnow regulator, lines, fittings, hoses, and tap from Kegconnection and a 20lb CO2 keg. everything was hooked up and there was no leakage, but I thought there was a CO2 leak, so I turned the CO2 off. Well, the beer in the out hose froze. I turned the CO2 on...
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    True Brew Belgian Ale - gravity question

    OG - 1.062 Now at two weeks and 2 days, SG is at 1.020. FG should be at 1.013-1.017. Should it be there yet? My first was a True Brew California Common that was at FG before the second week. If I test this and it's still at 1.02 at the end of the week, is there something I can do to help...
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    How much O2 is too much?

    I've had a blow off tube on my carboy for nearly two weeks before I put the airlock on as there was residue from the krausen stuck to the aide and I thought that it was still the krausen. When I removed the tube it smelled like straight alcohol almost. It's a Belgian ale true brew kit. Also...
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    $300 to invest

    With my taxes I have about $300 to invest after my next purchase. I have a basic beer kit with a fermenting bucket, bottling bucket, carboy, and other doo-dads. Tonight I'm going to order a corny keg and keg to co2 kit. I already have a large co2 tank. I'm only doing extracts right now...