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  1. tmtz1

    Keg Force Carbing Methods Illustrated

    What ended up working was disconnecting everything and purging the keg. Then took the gas quick disconnect and put it on the fluid out post. Let the sucker bubble for some time, purged and repeated about 3 times. Reconnected everything as normal. Beer was normalized. Saw some Youtube video, dude...
  2. tmtz1

    Keg Force Carbing Methods Illustrated

    Jesus, 95%?! I'd be happy if I didn't have mission control problems every time I kegged a beer! I'm currently kegging my latest brew, a Kveik Hazy IPA. I had it cold crashing for 3 days. Today, when I pulled it from the mini fridge, I immediately the blow off tube had slipped out of my star stan...
  3. tmtz1

    Keg Force Carbing Methods Illustrated

    Realized I over carbed my beer. Have spent about 45 minutes trying to fix it and have gone thru 4 pints of beer. Can't let beer go to waste, lol. Purged the beer, put it at serving pressure and just going to let it sit cause I still have 2 additional pints waiting to be drunk since the foam has...
  4. tmtz1

    Advice on upgrading tap tower

    So i took a cover that was meant to plug the hole up top which had a 4 inch diameter. I then used a step drill bit to open a hole in that cover. I then lined up the original tower flange and drove 4 screws attaching it to the 4 inch plug. I then marked and drilled in 4 holes using the 4 inch...
  5. tmtz1

    CO2 Refill in North Dallas, TX?

    +1 for Parkit market as well. Good price, quick service. Actually may be going there later today, running low on CO2.
  6. tmtz1

    Advice on upgrading tap tower

    I currently have a one tap kegerator and recently bought a kegco dual tap tower to replace the single tap. I noticed that the single tap is at 3.5 inch and the new tape is at 4.5 inch. Any advice to adapt this to the kegerator? I tried looking for and adapter flange but was unable to locate...
  7. tmtz1

    Blow off time and liquid disappeared

    I figured, just worried cause never saw it outside of cold crashing. I'm worried about any oxygen that may have gotten in there.
  8. tmtz1

    Blow off time and liquid disappeared

    Brewing A Kviek IPA and everything was going well. Fermented at 95* as per recipe. Finished fermenting, hit my numbers so I removed heat and allowed temp to free fall in garage (cool days) which it got to 80 degrees. As I was moving the bucket to the mini fridge to finish off, I noticed the...
  9. tmtz1

    Anvil Foundry stuck mash

    Awesome, thanks! Guess I'll run with it and see what happens. It was a everything-goes-wrong brew day. Learned the recirculation pipe is hot because I'm dumb. I also learned not to keep the lid on the Anvil while boiling. Wort popped off the recirculation pipe then shot out of the little whole...
  10. tmtz1

    Anvil Foundry stuck mash

    Brewed an an all grain batch and quickly realized I had a stuck mash. I had to move the grain from the bottom to get wort to flow. Realized my grain was milled too fine. When I pulled the grain basket, I had to again move the grain to get wort to flow out and into the kettle. Long story short...
  11. tmtz1

    90* Elbow for Blow-off tube

    Using a 90* 3/8 elbow plugged into a stopper connected to a 3/8 line to some star-san bottle. Is there a chance the krauzen (spelling?) could clog the elbow? Should I get a wider elbow? Thoughts?
  12. tmtz1

    First All-Grain, Anvil Foundry System

    Tried searching this answer and could not find it. First all-grain brew, Northern Brew all-grain kit. Recipe calls for multi step mash at different temps. Does this mean I heat my water to the protein rest temp, add grains, wait for asked time, then raise temp to next step, wait time, etc...
  13. tmtz1

    Hello all

    Got into home brewing about 2 months ago. Bought a starter kit from Amazon one night of heavy drinking and was surprised when it arrived (big box). I've enjoyed the process and learning everything from it. I have 2 extract brews under my belt and have been upgrading things like crazy (have used...