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    Has anyone here used Styrian Bobek hops?

    Also knows as Slovenian Bobek or Styrian Golding Bobek.... I bought a pound of them off of Ebay last year. I am still working on using them all up. I have quite a bit left. Good for English ales, which is my brew of choice. Just looked and they are still available from a seller on Ebay. I...
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    Great book for beginning brewers.

    Brewing Quality Beers by Byron Burch. I have been brewing for 30 years or so now so I am no beginner but I started with this book and I still reference it from time to time. Especially good for a simple system on calculating IBU's.
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    Don't wait until secondary to add fruit puree.

    I used to do that. I would put it into secondary and then add a blowoff tube. Now I simply wait until primary crashes and then add it to the carboy. It will become active for a couple of days and then settle back down. At that point it can go into secondary and you don't have all of that...