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    Yeast propagation

    Sorry for the blatant double post, but I dropped this under "science" (seems somewhat reasonable, right?) and then realized this forum was more suitable... I am trying to gain a practical understanding of yeast propagation, as it relates to starters. I keep seeing something that I just...
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    Yeast propagation

    I am trying to gain a practical understanding of yeast propagation, as it relates to starters. I keep seeing something that I just can't make any sense of. White Labs says that a single stage starter will create a 4-5 times increase in cell count, and Wyeast says it's more like 6 times...
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    Off flavor, help me figure this out

    So, a few batches back, I did three almost identical batches in a row. These were a Snow Cap clone, FWIW. The first and last were good, but the middle one had a weird flavor to it. I'm now reading about autolysis, and thinking maybe that was it, even though I can't find a taste description...
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    How to get less alcohol from extract brews

    Opposite of the question that was asked earlier, sort of. I'm thinking about making an IPA type thing with good hoppiness, but somewhere around 4% ABV. This would be for something to take camping, etc., in plastic bottles, so we can enjoy a good tasty beer but without so much of the happy...
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    Imperial IPA, hops, and moooore hops

    I need some advice on late addition/dry hopping. I want to produce an imperial IPA type brew with a nose like a freshly cut bag of hops, like Inversion if you've ever tried that. I just kegged a 6-gallon batch that I dry hopped with an ounce of Cascade for a week; nothin'. It barely smells...
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    Cold crashing with dry ice

    I searched and found some discussion on carbonating with dry ice, but nothing about cold crashing. It's about impossible for me to get my conical fermenter into a fridge, so I thought maybe I could toss in some dry ice to chill it where it sits. Anybody ever do this? I'm thinking I might...
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    Two good batches, more questions

    Well, I'm happy to say that with some good advice from this forum, I now have two quite good batches of Snow Cap Ale clone under my belt :mug: The last batch, I finally got my hop straining nightmare kicked to the curb. The bazooka screen works awesome. I shot for 6 gallons, which I almost...
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    Filtering *instead* of secondary fermentation?

    These guys seem to claim it works. Does this mean I can keg, chill, filter, force carb, and start drinking my beer as soon as active fermentation grinds to a halt for less than $3 extra per batch? Sounds too good to be...
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    Upgrading a plastic conical

    I picked up a used Affordable Conical (, but it's an older one and does not have the racking valve. That means you have to get the trub really well cleaned out before dumping the beer. I would like to add a rotating...
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    First post, second batch, no hop bitterness

    Hello all, just joined yesterday. My first batch was Cooper's IPA extract, and it came out pretty good, considering. I naively watered it down to 6 gallons, which gave me an OG of 40, and so it was understandably "weak" in every way, but otherwise drinkable. Apparently I'm capable of...