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    Can I use this outlet?

    I am making a toolbox control panel, a combination 110/220v for two brew setups. I am going to make the input removable. I got an outlet from work, four prong, nema L15-30-R. I know this is 3 phase, but can I wire and use it for 240 single phase? Two hot leads, neutral, and ground. Leads...
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    Combining two primary regulators?

    I have two dual gauge primary regulators and recently got a second keg, can I couple these together by removing the high pressure gauge from one and replacing it with a nipple to the gas in of the other, creating a dual regulator?
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    147 degree mash temp?

    been mashing for about 45 mins, temp settled at 147 in a 10 gallon mash tun cooler. Is this going to be too low? Iodine test shows no color change. Will this turn out OK. First time mashing in many years. Any help is greatly appreciateed
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    mini fridge freezer removal

    I am looking for a mini fridge to make a kegerator and most I see have the freezer at the top taking up valuable real estate. Can these freezer sections be removed? Or do I need one without?
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    Will auber 2352 pid work without RTD attached?

    I just plugged my control panel in for the first time to see if everything powers up, and remarkably it did. My question is this, I dont have the RTD yet, will it work for my boil kettle on manual without any type of probe? It powered up and blinks numbers and letters alternately on top and...
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    Wire gauges for control panel?

    I plan on using this schematic for my control box wiring (special thanks to PJ). I can figure everything out but the correct wire gauges for the internal wiring. Wondering if someone can tellme what wire to use throughout? Thanks in advance.
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    herms coil length?

    Is 25', long enough for a germs coil? I planned on buying a 50' coil of 3/8 copper and using half for a counterflow chiller and half for a germs coil. Would this work?
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    readying for 220v receptacle

    I am gearing up for a 220v ekeggle for boiling. I currently have no 220 outlet to use, but plan on adding one. my other problem is the panel is full, requiring me to reconfigure to free up space. I have a 220 breaker for the AC that I plan on replacing with a quad breaker to add the new 220...
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    Can I use this PID?

    Hello all, new to the forum. I am building an Ekeggle and got my hands on a PID that I'm unsure if I can use. It says the output is for a mechanical relay: Single or dual SPST Relays 3A @ 250VAC/3A @ 30VDC. It is an AutomationDirect...