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    Critique on first Imperial Stout recipe

    Sounds nice... Almost all my Imperial Stouts are above 10% roasted Barley, almost seems to be the magic number IMO. FG seems a little low. could use some more sweetness to back the acidity of all that roastyness and burned choco malt. Maybee i would go with a 1084 instead, haven't tried...
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    Dry Hop Amounts

    I’m fully aware that isomerization is needed to give bitterness. That’s the exact reason to why I posted my last message. I’m not sure whether it’s just the nugget hop that tastes like “bitternes” or it has some other kind of flavor in the harsh end that might be mistaken for perceived...
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    Dry Hop Amounts

    Hmmm... i'm not shure that it does not impart any bitternes at all. I tried dryhopping a Rye stout i made with 3oz of Nugget pellets and it surely added some bitternes i believe. A bet would be that it went from somewhere around 50IBU to quite extreme (mouthfeel close to extreme 100+ IBU...
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    favorite sour comercial beers?

    Giardin geuze 1882 would be my go to experience no.1... I love this beer. Boon also does some great ones. Was never that fond of the Cantillions, its just too much i think. But then again,'round here they're normally 2003-2008, it might not be the Cantillions but more the fact that my palette...
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    IPA gone extremely bitter after 2 months

    Sorry for not getting back to you Barbleue… Forgot all about it in the craze of work. Well actually I’m done with the cascades for a while too I believe. There are just something strange going on with ageing these beers without some sort of stabilization (which will be my next...
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    Pellicle or just lingering krausen?

    Well the oily film could be from the hops I presume, if a large flameout addition was used. Seen it on a couple of my IPAs and APAs without being an infection. Actually on my RIS it's even more noticeable due to the black color. But that being said, I see a lot of film, between the chunks…...
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    What are you drinking now?

    Mr. Smoookey.... Limfjordsporter: i just love living close to the danish/german border.... 1 dollar pr. 1/2L i the german shops.
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    just brewed this stout what do you think?

    The original amount of Roasted Barley would be fine... I brewed about 10-15 porters/imperials by now, and the magic number for me is in that ballpark, plus a little Coffe, biscuit and choco... the KEY is fg. To low and yes, it will be harsh. IMO 1016 and upwards, you'll be fine... or actually...
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    Thin mashing = Extreme US05 Auttenuation. or?

    Almost yes :-) But not intentionally, something came up in the middle of sparging. It’s a difficult job sometimes with a little kid and brewing at the same time :)
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    Thin mashing = Extreme US05 Auttenuation. or?

    Above 90% now thats crazy... i thought i was crazy when my french Saison hit the late 90'ies... but us05... The 2 hours was including batch sparge, the normal mash took 65min.
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    Thin mashing = Extreme US05 Auttenuation. or?

    Grain bill: Pale 66% Crystal 120 11% Munich 11% Flaked Oats 11% In terms of thermometers, I must admit that I do not use state of the art thermos. But 4-5 cheap digital ones. Threw 2 away as they were 2c off. Chose the one in the middle of them all, and hoped for the best, maybe not that good...
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    Thin mashing = Extreme US05 Auttenuation. or?

    Had 2 thermometers going due to the recent problems with low fg. And even crosschecked them before brewing with 2 other thermometers. Single infusion mashed at 68-69c (154-156) for aprox 2 hours incl. sparge (mashed 65) Also another crazy thing 11% crystal, that really speaks aginst the low fg.
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    Thin mashing = Extreme US05 Auttenuation. or?

    Attenuation with S-05 I had a few beers going quite low recently. I know the first thing that spring to mind is an infection here in the summer time but I very much doubt it due to my process and the looks/taste of it. But, the last supposed to be, session Centennial IPA went from 1053 to...
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    IPA gone extremely bitter after 2 months

    Actually, when I initially had my problem with the cascades I wrote the seller of the hops too. He ended up admitting that this was a 1.5-2 year old whole leaf crop that he recently bought as he ran out. Bought in the US, maybe we had hops from the same place, that would explain a lot. A few...
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    IPA gone extremely bitter after 2 months

    Well after testing a few different combinations I believe it’s the Cascades that are the problem. I’ve done an IPA with Chinook, Simcoe and Centennial, and one Amarillo Single hopped that never had the problem. Same story with my English IPAs. Even though the Cascades are only 50%...
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    Lets talk Wyeast French Saison 3711

    i'm using a refractometer with auto temp compensation, mesaured both OG and FG at around 76f... And using this converter:
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    Lets talk Wyeast French Saison 3711

    Crazy yeast!!! or do i have an infection. This is my first time using the Wyeast french Saison, and just checked my beer after 8 days in the primary. Krausen almost gone and no visible fermentation. The reading i took said from 1050-0.998. Am i actually overshooting the data of the yeast...
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    Commercial yeast close to ST.Bernardus?

    I had a few of the different St.Bernardus beers. The all have this distinct taste, from the yeast I assume. Could anyone tell me if there is a commercial yeast available, that will give me something like that. I know it’s supposed to be Westvletern strain way back, but mutated and different...
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    Unhealthy yeast propagation and starters

    I was thinking a bit about yeast harvesting from a bottle and propagation of it. Well actually this also concerns using very stressed yeast and/or with low vitality. I see a lot of threads on repitching slurry, when and when not to.What I was wondering. Let’s say I’m harvesting yeast from a...
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    Doing a cleanup, will this work?

    Time for a closet cleanout. I'm a big fan of porters and Imperials... I have a lot of things that’s nearing the end of "best of date"... Does something in this recipe look crazy to you? It’s a 5 gal batch. 2000g Bohemian 1000g Flaked Barley 1000g Rye 1000g Wheat 700g Caracrystal 60 500g...