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    New England IPA "Northeast" style IPA

    So just a quick observation on different yeast strains. I normally use S04, I have used 1318 and although I enjoyed it, didn't think it was enough of a difference to warrant the time and energy to build starters. I usually have a clearish beer with S04 until I dry hop. I whirlpool around 3-4 oz...
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    Isolated Yeast (Tree House): How to Identify and Characterize?

    What temp did you ferment at?
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    New England IPA Blasphemy - No Boil NEIPA

    Just chiming in, I made this back in October for a party. It was definitely loved. Very good recipe, and couldn't be easier!
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    New England IPA sanity check, are my hops overboard?

    I don't think its crazy. I do 10 oz dry hop charge, with a total of 18oz in a 6 gallon batch.
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    Cheap DIY Option for a Motorized Grain Mill

    Binabik, please report back if you do that.
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    American Amber Ale Caramel Amber Ale

    That's interesting, do you mean the final SRM of the beer, or the SRM of the candy syrup? I used d-45(45SRM) and it looks very close to the OP's recipe photos, maybe a hair more red.
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    American Amber Ale Caramel Amber Ale

    Brewed this recipe, except with D-45 as I did not have the time to make the syrup myself. Next time I will. I also substituted 8 oz of 2 row for flaked wheat, simply for head retention. Went a point over target, not too bad! The color is simply amazing. Will post back when carbed and ready.
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    Canadian Breakfast Stout recipe ideas??

    If you are not against using spicing I keep reading that the right amount of fenugreek is a great way to add maple notes.
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    Canadian Breakfast Stout recipe ideas??

    I noticed on first tasting of CBS that it is most likely a very different base recipe than both KBS and Breakfast stout. Its body and flavor is way higher than both the others. I know when reading on their descriptions that make it seem that they are in fact different bases.
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    Firestone walker parabola

    I don't think they use the alternate for most commercial beers I have seen despite being more accurate for big beers like this one. Cigar city doesn't either.
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    WLP644 -Brett B Trois

    I will not argue genetics, but I can say I definitely got a pilicle with my Belle saison + trois. After checking gravity in secondary(introducing oxygen in the process of course) it had a wicked pellicle from then out. I did not add any other bacteria or brett either. Maybe contamination but I...
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    Autumn Seasonal Beer Imperial Pumpkin Pie Ale

    Sounds like process issues not recipe.
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    Get To Know Your Yeast - Fermentation Phases

    Union, the lag phase is a period with no cell reproduction or very little. It a period where the organisms are adapting to the new environment prior to reproduction. This is true with all cultures growth. The lag phase in fermentation is both the lag phase and the growth/log phase.
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    A Tribute to Hunahpu

    BTW I would skip the brown sugar if you haven't added it yet. I have found it doesn't add anything to the beer and decreases perceived mouth feel and viscosity.
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    A Tribute to Hunahpu

    Great pics, let us know how it comes out. I am still working on perfecting my imperial stout recipe, it is a pain in the @$$ to do big brews like these, especially on solo brew days. Totally worth the results, I think the next brew or two I will have it. Small incremental steps. Find what you...
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    A Tribute to Hunahpu

    Even in real Hunahpu the chili flavor fades quicker than the rest of the spicing if you ask me.
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    Wyeast 3203 - PC de Bom Sour Blend impressions

    Anyone fermenting 100% in plastic for the full 2 months? I was planning on it but a little wary of acetic acid production being high.
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    Wyeast PC July -Sept 2014 - Sourpalooza

    Btw I used de bom in my oud bruin recipe. Not the oud bruin blend.
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    Wyeast PC July -Sept 2014 - Sourpalooza

    My oud bruin like recipe is doing fantastic. At one month it is definitely tart and a little funky. It has been in a bucket though, so it may be getting micro aeration causing more tartness(acetic) I will know later down the road. I may rack to a carboy this week just for a piece of mind.