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    need help with plate chiller

    Hi. I am building a brewing rig and i need help determining the proper size for my plate chiller. batches will be 2-3 barrels. Any advice is appreciated.
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    Mead bubbling flatlined - Am I ok?

    Im fermenting one gallon of my first mead. I made it on April 9th and I have had consistent yet decreasing activity since brew-day. After 48 hrs it was bubbling every 3 seconds. On April 7th it had slowed to every 10-12 seconds. Now it is bubbling once every 30 seconds. My question is...
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    a couple of quick barleywine questions

    Hello All I have a barleywine sitting on a yeast cake in primary for 3 weeks now. My questions are: 1. How long should I leave in primary? 2. Should I bulk age or bottle? 3. When bottling, should I use 1/2 cup corn sugar? I have heard about using yeast to carbonate but I am...
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    Help! What type of brewing system should I build?

    I want to step up to all grain brewing and I would like some advice as to what type of system I should build. I am not a rocket scientist but I will have help from a few engineer friends. Should I build a RIMS? 1,2, or 3 tier? I am sure I want to retrofit kegs and brew 10 gallon batches...
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    Question about adding toasted coconut to porter

    I have a porter sitting in my primary for just over 3 weeks now. Last night I finally worked up the nerve to toast a lb of flaked coconut, stick in a grain bag, and ram it down in to my glass carboy. Ive been hesitant due to the head retention problem due to the oils in the coconut (it was...
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    Most of my beers taste similar, why?

    I am still a noob, and I have attempted to make beer at least 8-10 times. I have learned a lot since my first batch, but more often then not my beers tastes similar. Overall, they lack complexity and taste "thin." Is this common? I read alot between batches and try to follow all the rules of...
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    Advice with my first BarleyWine

    Sunday I began my first attempt at an extract BW. After two days with a blowoff tube I now have a bubbling airlock in place. I used 10lbs light DME, 1lb crystal malt, and a ton of hops. 90 min boil. 5 gallon yeild. I pitched the wort on to a massive yeast cake (British Ale) from a previous...
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    I want to buy hops - Please message me with what you have available

    I often see an ad that says Hops for sale and is then followed by at least 100 replies of "Ill take a pound" and "Ill take two pounds" but I cant seem to actually get a seller to respond to me and actually sell the hops. I would like to purchase hops. Pellets if possible. Im just a...
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    can brewing systems made from kegs be used commercially, and in California?

    I am a teacher but when I grow up I would like to open a small (I mean tiny) brewery. I understand the economic concerns of a small brewery but my question is: Are any breweries operating using brew-systems from altered kegs? Any in CA? I have been scouring the net to try and find info. The...
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    racking/fermentation question

    A few weeks ago I made a barleywine (or tried to) and I experienced an eruption while in my primary. My local homebrew shop "experts" told me I should have left more empty space in my primary for gas to build and then escape via blowoff tube. Im trying to repeat the brew and sofar, so good...