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    bitter cider

    I used to make cider casually decades ago. It was cloudy and yeasty, but fun to drink. Being all grown up now, I picked, ground and squeezed a variety of apples last Fall (2012), then loaded up a 5-gal carboy and fermented it with a store-bought yeast. After fermentation had stopped, I racked...
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    Help on Carbing, Please

    I fermented about four gallons of cider in a carboy, have radked them into half-gallon jugs where they have cleared very nicely. There is sediment, but I can siphon off the clear stuff. I bought a new capper, and have collected a couple dozen 14-oz beer bottles in which I'd like to make...
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    cold crash

    What is cold crashing?
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    hydrometer questions

    I'm trying to get my hydrometer knowledge up to speed. Can anyone tell me what the three different scales measure? I know the one with a 1.00 at the top is specific gravity, but what are the other two? Can the hydrometer give me any clue of my present alcohol level if I didn't use it before...
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    I just got back to cider making and didn't put enough sugar in. Fermentation has now stopped. Can I dump some more sugar and yeast in to start more fermentaion? Or am I doomed to have a wimpy batch?
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    making hard cider in barrels

    I've fermented plenty of hard cider in gallon jugs, but will have the opportunity to do a BIG batch this fall. I'd like to use wooden barrels, but there are so many questions. Just for openers: * what kind of barrel is best? * how do i rack or otherwise get the good cider off the yeast...