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  1. MadLuke

    Milk, toast and honey beer - beer to fit a song

    Hi folks. Just wanted to share my thoughts, get some inspiration, and maybe inspire someone. Last weekend I went on a nostalgic wave a bit and came across this old song Milk and toast and honey . First, this song is still cool. Second, my taste for music has changed... or was born... since...
  2. MadLuke

    Just a story of a wierd batch

    Just a story for a laugh. I have been brewing for a while and have had a book on wild beers sitting on my shelves for some time, too. Never actually applied it... until... Some time ago I was making sahti (a lot of rye, some juniper, no hops), I was left with some grains. I suspected low...
  3. MadLuke

    Full extract ginger ale - feedback wanted

    Hi everyone, I am planning to brew a ginger ale. Full extract, using a 6 l pot (going for 21 l in fermenter). I am planning following: Either 3.4 kg of extra pale LME or 1.7 + 1.7 pale and extra pale DME (any advice on that)? LME goes straight to the bucket 0.5 kg of DME boiled. 5 g of...
  4. MadLuke

    Ginger white-wine-ish brew

    Hi everyone, I am currently thinking of a ginger beer. Planning something for the next (south-hemispheric) summer, and one idea I have in mind in a ginger + white-wine quality beer. Can be full-extract or partial mash. Currently I am thinking along the lines of using mix of pale + extra pale...
  5. MadLuke

    Chinook + Golding Wheat IPA?

    Hi everyone, I am looking for an opinion on some crazy-ish idea. I have had in my mind for a while dry wheat IPA. The original plan was to use 2 cans (yes, extract brewing) of Briess Bavarian Wheat and one can of extra-light pale extract, add some Amarillo, and dry-hop with cones of Nelson...