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    National Hombrew Day!!!

    Brewing a 100% rye and a Hefeweizen today.
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    Finally - a good "session" IPA

    Im doing a session ipa today based on Pliny the elder 6lb NW Pale Ale malt .5lb Crystal 10 .5lb Carapils .75 lb corn sugar 1oz Columbus @60 1oz each whirlpool steep Amarillo centennial and simcoe then Dry Hop with all 4.
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    Your three favorite hops for an IPA

    Ctz, nelson sauvin and more nelson sauvin.
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    Need some ideas to break the cruft in my head

    What about a good ol hefeweizen or American style hefeweizen? You can try a wheat beer with coriander and sweet orange peel. Maybe grains of paradise.
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    Favorite Hop Schedule for IPAs?

    I bitter at 90 then an absurd amount steeped at flameout and a two stage dry hop.
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    what yeast to compliment citra?

    So this isn't even on the wyeast website yet, but i have a batch of ipa with mostly nelson sauvin and columbus to bitter with this yeast. Its wyeast 1217 west coast ipa. Its still fermenting so i cant tell you my own experiences with it yet, but it could be something to look at...
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    Need help step mashing 50% rye

    I am planning on brewing a beer with 50% malted rye. Here is the grain bill for a 2.75g test batch. 3.5Lb Munich 3lb rye 6oz crystal rye. 6.88lb total grain bill. So what i want to do is a step mash with a 20 min beta glucan rest at 104° then up to 154° for 60 min then mash out at 168° So...
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    Most versatile base malt

    I have switched over to mostly NW Pale Ale malt. Same price as pale 2row and very similar to maris otter. It's pretty versatile
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    Tips for the Infamous "super hoppy" IPA/IIPA

    I went to my lhbs and noticed wyeast has a west coast ipa yeast. Im plannin on doing a 3 gal batch and splitting it up into 3 one gallon batches to compare Rogue pacman, my go to ipa yeast, against us05, and the ipa yeast
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    I want to make wine from Mountain Dew Throwback

    Technically i used Freddy's brand citrus drop. Boiled 4 liters down to 3.5 then added an entire pack of red star champagne yeast. Thinkin about adding some kind of brett or something if it doesn't ferment just for fun.
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    I want to make wine from Mountain Dew Throwback

    Mine did nothing.
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    Finally - a good "session" IPA

    Alright i have been brewing lagers out of necessity lately. Been banished to the garage where fermentation temps are staying around 48.
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    Finally - a good "session" IPA

    What do you all think about yeast for session ipas? I was thinking either Bavarian Lager or London ESB. I figure the lager yeast will let the malt and the hops shine through more, but the London esb is my go to English yeast and i think it would ferment less and leave more body and sweetness...
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    I want to make wine from Mountain Dew Throwback

    Boiled two 2liter bottles down and pitched red star champagne yeast.
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    Advice on a Amber recipe

    Do you use beersmith?
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    Finally - a good "session" IPA

    There's a lot of inspiration in this thread. I'm going to take some of the tips and brew a session india red ale and a session rye ipa.
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    We no need no stinking beer gun...

    I was wondering if this would work for filling 2l bottles with homemade pop from the keg
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    Ideas for IPAs

    Well, below is a link to the page in How To Brew. This is what he mentions about the Magnesium: This ion behaves very similarly to Calcium in water, but is less efficacious. It also contributes to water hardness. Magnesium is an important yeast nutrient in small amounts (10 -20 ppm), but...
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    Ideas for IPAs

    It brings the magnesium up to the range suggested in How to Brew. I think it puts me at 17ppm and over 300ppm sulfate along with the gypsum.