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    Cheap grain mill

    A large oatmeal container fits perfectly on top of the Hopper on the Corona mill. Just tape it in place and you can get several pounds in there at once.
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    Help! The pipeline is running dry!

    I do a vanilla cream Porter that is 2 weeks grain to glass (keg force Carb). I can post the recipe when I get home. It is very malt heavy, only like 8 ibu 1.060 to 1.022 gravity. SWMBO describes it as ice cream beer.
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    jeramiah weed-like recipe?

    I believe it is made with the Jermiah Weed Liqour. I have made up something similar but more of a lime/mint thing using 10 cans of Limeade 2 lbs Light DME 1/2 lb sugar 3 cups strong brewed Mint tea (only mint leaves no Tea leaves) Fill with water until it is at 4.5 gallons...
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    Northern Virginia Brewing

    Yep, when I first started seeing prices on rentals it took me back for a few. Luckily, we'll be able to have a decent sized townhouse where I still have room to brew. Oddly enough, I'm coming from a town where the LHBS has inconvenient hours (whenever they feel like opening shop), and a...
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    Northern Virginia Brewing

    I'm going to be moving to Northern Virgina in the next couple of weeks (near Centreville), and was wondering what the homebrew world looked like out there? IE homebrew clubs, and what are the local homebrew stores in the area? Big change for me and the family, coming from Kansas where sprawl...
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    just got accused

    Unfortunately I think the fact that Homebrew was illegal for so long, and distilling is illegal still has alot to do with why people confuse the issue. The only thing your average person knows about distilling is that there are twisted up copper pipes involved. It's a pretty honest...
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    Question about a copper manifold

    I used a pipe cutting tool to put the slots in mine. Only takes a few seconds per slot, just don't go all the way around the pipe.
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    Adding Caffeine To The Sweet, Sweet Nectar

    I've done something similar when making soda, trying to duplicate Mountain Dew, but with cane sugar. At least used in proportions that a Mountain Dew would be (caffeine MG per MG) you don't notice the taste from it at all. I can't remember what the amount added was though (done a couple of...
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    So..Did I order a kettle thats TOO big?

    You can still do a partial boil in a large pot, there's no reason it should be a problem, other than awkwardness of moving it around, and putting it on the stove.
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    Got kids? Got a trampoline?

    I made up a big "Doorway" using something like that, and using PVC pipe, and little screw in mister attachments. Kids run through and ride bikes through, etc. Do a search for Kid Wash on instructables, which is where I got the idea from.
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    Sanitize Cold-Brewed Coffee?

    Just bring it to boiling after you get the cold brew coffee off the grounds.
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    Alabama Homebrewing still Illegal

    I've got a friend that suggested it's begging to be remixed, and autotuned, to make a viral video of. I wish I had skills in that area.
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    How to clean out a counterflow chiller

    Same thing I do, worked great so far.
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    Do you not have kettles over there?

    I have two electric kettles. One has elements in a similar configuration to what you have in your kettle, the other has the coils hidden inside a plate, but it is all 120. I contemplated salvaging the heating element and using it for converting to electric. Since the electric kettles are much...
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    Have we been hacked or is it only me??????

    That's why I run adblock anytime that I can. I'll support websites I use, but if the ads become annoying I've got to block them.
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    Age a quadrupel bottled from keg?

    I bottle from my kegs all the time. If I do it correctly no carbonation loss that is noticable. I have several that were bottled from kegs that are 6-8 months old now and are great. My biggest piece of advice is to freeze the bottles, and make certain to thoroughly chill your bottling...
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    Why do I always forget to check my OG???

    When I used an immersion chiller I forgot to take the OG all the time. Since I've switched over to using a counterflow type chiller I don't forget it, as I don't need to remember to sanitize anything else, I just point the hose at the hydrometer tube for a second.
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    LHBS grain mill is awful!

    I use a Corona mill as well, and I have never gotten below 75% efficiency. As a general rule I get 80%. I've got a drill hooked up to my crusher as well. Considering my costs for everything on my setup, including the drill was ~$60, I'd call it a good investment.
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    Ft. Leonard Wood homebrew

    I think Ozark, MO is your closest physical location, I think there is one in Springfield as well. About an hour and a half away for you sounds like.
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    Gluten Free Specialty Yeasts

    Thanks for the tips, I never realized that there were any dry Belgian style yeasts. My LHBS is very limited in stock. I just call out there any more to make certain they are open, and have something, because they occassionally decide they don't feel like working some days, and never open the shop.