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    Not mixing in yeast?

    Janx, yours is a really interesting thought! I've tried sprinkling the yeast with 2 batches and got poor results and then frenzied stiring of the yeast with better results (gurgling being the result) on my next 4 batches. Do you recommend the sprinkling for both dry and liquid yeast? I'm...
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    Do Cheap Sanitizing Products Exist?

    Thanks for the quick reply. I'll definitely check out the Iodophor. Your comment about its connection to Iodine reminded me of when I used to sterilize creek water with it while backpacking. (I finally broke down and bought a purifier about 7 years ago). I do remember the warnings about it...
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    Do Cheap Sanitizing Products Exist?

    So I've made 4 batches now and I'm starting to feel the pinch when it comes to buying sanitizing powder from the beer supply store. I used Oxyclean on my equipment during the last batch, which seemed to work well based on sips I took while bottling (ie. nothing smelled/tasted foul). That...
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    No apparent yeast activity after 24 hours

    Hey, I'm pretty new too and I've had this same problem a couple of times. My buddy (I think he's going by River Rat on this site) came up with the idea to swirl the bejeebas out of the bucket a day after one of our batches just sat without any activity. It started bubbling within 1/2 an...