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    Big Bottles on the cheap!

    Hi all, I just wanted to share that I just picked up a 12 bottle case of 32oz. Carta Blanca for $25 from my neighborhood general store. I mentioned to the owner a few weeks back that I was looking for some larger bottles and asked if he could find them. He made one phone call to his...
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    Help, quick! Fermentaton Finished???

    I was just about to rack my latest brew, Irish Stout, over to secondary, but when I removed the lid of the primary, there are still small bubbles creaping up to the wort surface. It has been eight days since I brewed. I only used one packet of ale yeast and I haven't seen or heard the airlock...
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    To second stage or not

    Greetings! Alright, I'm 36 hours into my first brew. I decided to do single stage fermentation for the sake of simplicity, but now I am finding myself wanting to do a second stage. In my mind this will result in a clearer, cleaner brew. It is also my understanding that the major advantage to...
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    Well hello everyone.

    I'm Kevin from Raleigh, NC. I am thinking about brewing for the first time. I really like hoppy IPA's and non creamy black beers. Can't wait to learn all that I can. Peace:mug: