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  1. arborman

    Need some quick advice on a hazy NEIPA

    Brewed a hazy IPA recipe I copied from Nothern, Fruit Bazooka. The only hop additions on brew day were all whirlpool hops, but was an 8ounce add. I was able to keep a good amount out because they formed a cone in the center of my kettle on whirlpool I then dry hopped on day 3 and 5 in my...
  2. arborman

    Conical Owners: When do you make your first trub dump?

    When do you guys usually make your first trub dump? I have about 6 brews so far with my new conical, and I am not being consistent with my dumps. This current batch I waited about 8 days for my first dump, then did a second one at 10 days. Still not seeing any yeast drop, so I know there is...
  3. arborman

    Hop Extract: How to calculate in beer smith?

    I am going to be doing a Pliny clone this Friday, and I have all my ingredients.. Got the starter going right now! Question: The recipe I am using calls for 60ml of hop extract, 50 at 90 and 10 at 45. How do I add this into beer smith? There is then a 30 min. addition and the end of boil...
  4. arborman

    Wow, extract brewing is so relaxing!

    Just finished brewing my first extract batch in about a year... Wow!!! This was the easiest brew day I've had in a year! I forgot now casual extract brewing is..... So much less clean up! Might just need to sell off all my AG gear. NOT Sent from my iPad using Home Brew
  5. arborman

    IPA Suggestion?

    I haven't brewed an extract batch in about a year... Been doing 12 gallon all grains, and am looking to just knock out a fast batch! I would like to make an IPA. I will need to get some extract and DME, but I do have plenty of hops on hand.... I have some Amarillo, simcoe, Colombus...
  6. arborman

    MO/Amarillo SMASH

    I am contemplating doing an MO/Amarillo smash. I have all the ingredients, haven't yet settled on the hop schedule yet, but would steer more towards a medium IPA I am a bit hesitant though.... First off, its my first SMASH. Secondly, I am only set up for 12 gallon AG brews. I am a bit...
  7. arborman

    Beer is good

    Why does beer have to be so good? Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
  8. arborman

    Is it even possible?

    So, I brewed a 12 gallon batch of Black IPA yesterday. Ive done this recipe before, and its very good. Everything went extremely well, other then I missed my pre boil gravity by 4 points. Came it at 1.060 instead of 1.064. in fact, things went so well that I completely forgot to get...
  9. arborman


    I've always used whirfloc, but have a few questions... I add the last 15 minutes of the boil, chill and then transfer to my conical. I do not get a good whirlpool with my recirculating chiller, so I get most of the gunk into my fermentor. Does the whirfloc still do it's thing in the...
  10. arborman

    Air leak into pump when chilling

    So, when I started my recirc chiller, my inlet hose to the pump had a bad gasket, which sucked air into the wort while I was chilling. Looks like I pumped some oxygen into the wort for sure. Is this going to be really bad? Or, can I look at this as oxygenating the wort before pitching yeast...
  11. arborman

    How bad is this disaster?

    I think I wrecked my entire 10 gal batch of Dennys Rye IPA that was cold crashing in my new Morebeer heated/cooled conical. I crashed the fermentor last night to 40 degrees, and left the blowoff hose in the bucket of sanitizer. Came out this morning to check the temps, and saw that the...
  12. arborman

    How effective is cold crashing?

    I am just wrapping up my first batch in my new morebeer heated/cooled conical fermentors. With it, I also have the ability to cold crash down to about 45. They recommend not going more then 2 days at 45 because the cooling fans can overheat. What are your thoughts on the effectiveness of...
  13. arborman

    Dryhopping on the yeast cake

    I have a new conical fermentor, which I have a 10 gallon batch in right now. This is my first time using it. I have hit my expected FG, and its been 10 days. I used to just dry hop in my primary carboy before, on the yeast, with no issues. Now that I have the ability to drop the yeast out, I...
  14. arborman

    Blichman false bottom for boil kettle

    Does anyone use the blichman false bottom with the boil kettle? Right now, I have a 15 gallon boilermaker, with no false bottom. I bought a recirculating wort chiller with the hops of getting both a faster chill and a nice hop/trub cone that is left in the pot, but I am not having any luck...
  15. arborman

    so, who's method of aeration do you guys use? Jamil calls for much higher cell count then Troester. Not sure who to go with....
  16. arborman

    direct fire mash

    So, I have the top tier system, but currently mash in a cooler. I am upgrading to 10 gallon batches, and will need a larger boil kettle/tun. So, I am considering using my current 15 gallon kettle as my mash tun in place of my cooler, and getting a new 20 gallon kettle for my brew pot. What...
  17. arborman

    Equipment dilemma

    I bought the Blichman top tier system about 6 months ago. My current set up is this: 15 gallon boil kettle 10 gallon HLT 10 gallon igloo MLT one pump to send water to HLT, and to whirlpool I really cannot do 10 gallon batches with this set up. I made the very stupid mistake of...
  18. arborman

    Morebeers heated/cooled conicle fermentor

    MoreBeer is having a 15% off sale in another week or so, and I am seriously considering buying one of their 15 gallon heated/cooled conical fermentors. They list for $1900, but I could get it for around $1600. I currently brew once a month or so on a blichman top tier, usually 5-10 gallon...
  19. arborman

    Regulator problems, loosing beer

    Ok, I just lost another keg of beer... This was a batch of two hearted clone with falconers flight as a dry hop.. While the beer was carbing up, my CO2 ran out, so I had to change out tanks... I did not mess with the regulator at all, just switched out tanks. Well, the pressure when through...
  20. arborman

    Pump priming issues

    Ok, so here is my problem: I am loosing prime on my march pump ( mounted below my boil kettle on my top tier stand) when I go to do my whirlpool chill.. My set up is pictured below.. HLT goes up top, mash tun is middle shelf. I fill up my boil kettle with my mash water, then pump it...