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    My electric system ver 6

    I think I am getting closer to my ideal set-up. Brewed this past weekend and hit 84% with no issues at all. Hit the OG dead on. I was able to maintain my set point on my mash almost exactly the whole mash Green button on top advances BCS to next state. Red buttons on the sides interrupt...
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    The latest version of my RIMS

    All electronics are now in the box, along with 2 HEX and 2 pumps. Everything is controlled via the BCS-460. I am still fighting with the wireless access point to make it controllable from any internet connection. On brew day, I just plug in my extension cords and hook up 4 hoses and I'm...
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    Love Controller prices?

    Anybody else notice that the price is now $65?
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    For those of you with a conical - can you help?

    I just got a new conical as a gift. It's the 7 gallon being sold on e-bay for $260 or so. In my opinion it seems like a pretty solid unit. The biggest difference I see is it lacks a racking arm. It does have both the dump valve and the racking valve. So for those of you that do have a...
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    Schlitz is back!!

    A '60s classic back in Motown Schlitz reintroduces original recipe brew to Metro Detroit beer lovers Jennifer Youssef / The Detroit News The beer that made Milwaukee famous is returning to the Motor City. Schlitz's Classic 1960s beer is back on shelves after nearly three decades...
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    I need some help building a timer

    My brew set-up uses 2 electric heat exchangers in copper tubes to control the temp of my HLT and MLT. I want to build a timer that could be set to turn on either at a certain time or after so many hours. I was thinking of something like the timers we use to turn our christmas lights on and...
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    keggle sizes??

    I always thought a half barrel was a half barrel. I have one half barrel I have been using as a brew kettle and it says 15.5 gallons and 58 liters right on top. It is an old Bell's brewery keg. Yesterday I was able to get another keg to use as my HLT and when I picked it up I thought it...
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    Does a high OG affect efficiency?

    I brewed a clone of New Hollands Dragon's milk over the weekend. It had a target pre-boil gravity of 1.069. I entered all my info into beersmith with 75% as my efficiency which is pretty normal for my set-up. We only got 1.053 pre-boil. I ended up heating 2 more gallons of water recircing...
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    budwieser american ale - tried it yet?

    I saw some at the store yesterday, grabbed a six pack for the heck of it. $6.99 in Michigan. Packaging fits in well with the other craft beers. here is my thoughts. I poured a bottle in to a glass, it had a thick cream colored head, amber color and was extremely clear. The package...
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    hydrometer question

    I know that using beersmith, my hydro sample doesn't have to be at 60 degrees to take a reading because beersmith adjusts. My question is how far from 60 degrees can you be and still have the hydrometer adjustment be accurate. My last AG batch I made some mistakes due to lack of planning...
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    Measuring pre and post boil volume

    I've done a few AG batches and my system is pretty sound. I am having trouble with on area though and I wanted to understand what you guys do. I sparge into a graduated bucket to measure my pre-boil volume and I also have a somewhat calibrated stick that I can insert into the boil kettle to...
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    new system is getting better

    I brewed with my local homebrew club yesterdat for the National Homebrew day. My system is finally getting dialed in. I'm now using 2 coolers heated with electric elements. The HLT has an element in the cooler itself and the MLT drains into a heat exchanger and gets pumped back up. A...
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    recipe books

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    what to expect the first year?

    I ordered some rhizomes and I am planning to put them in a 5 gallon bucket that has holes in the bottom, bury the bucket so about 2 inches of bucket is sticking out and then cover with mulch. How tall will the vines get the first year? Will a 5 ft tomato cage be enough for the first year...
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    electrical question

    will a switch rated for 25 amps DC work with 15 amps @120v? I am assuming it should. Linc
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    question about fermenting a lager

    I have my second lager going now. It's a Munich Helles. It has been 2 weeks at 48 degrees and when I racked it to secondary, it was still at 1.021. I am going to let it warm up to 65 over the next 24 hours and then I'll put it back in the freezer at 48. Can I expect it to finish fermenting...
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    cheap carboys

    Anybody use these? says they are food grade plastic safe for caustic chemeicals and cheap at $9.30 each. Any thoughts? Linc
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    pitching rates

    Is one White Labs vial of yeast to much for a 1 gallon batch? If it is to much, how much would be the right amount. I know over pitching can cause off flavors. Linc
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    How do you clean your MLT after brewing?

    Specifically how do you get the grain out and what do you put it in/where do you put it? I just did my first 10 gal batch and getting all that grain in a garbage bag was a heck of a challenge. Linc