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  1. Chuckbergman

    Need a Narrow and Tall Hop Spider

    I need help finding a narrow (like 4" diameter) and tall (like 14" or adjustable) hop spider for boiling. I have a 6x14 now, but it just barely fits in my 15gal brewpot when I add my wort chiller. I'm afraid I'll damage the mesh. I've found 4x10, but that won't extend deep enough in my brewpot...
  2. Chuckbergman

    Buying Grain on Amazon

    Just checking to see if anyone has bought grain on Amazon, specifically 50lb base grain bags or 10lb bags of specialty grains? In searching on Amazon, I'm finding very little choice and the only 50lb 2-row I found was like $75/bag. I normally purchase thru LHBS and once a year my homebrew club...
  3. Chuckbergman

    Hard Seltzer vs Hard Sparkling Water

    I know the difference is probably semantic, but I'm interested in making a hard flavored sparkling water. Not really a hard naturally carbonated mineral water (ala Perrier), but something along the lines of the Sparkling Ice brand of flavored waters. Maybe it is just my tastebuds, but I can't...
  4. Chuckbergman

    Hoppy vs India (blank) Ale

    So I get India Black Ale, I kinda get India Red Ale, but now I see India Brown Ale advertised. I'm no BJCP expert by any stretch, but aren't these really just hoppy versions of different styles of beer? What makes them an India ale?
  5. Chuckbergman

    Increase ABV of existing homebrew?

    Just a theoretical chemistry question. Is it possible to take an existing homebrew, or any beer for that matter, add sugar, then pitch yeast to increase alcohol content? Not that I'm planning on doing it ... just curious if possible. Basically you would be re-fermenting an alcoholic...