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  1. ruddyscot

    Porter recipes

    Went to your suggested site. I found lots of interesting titles, and every time I checked out one of their recipes. It had a star rating for example, of three, by four people or less………… I think I will stay with the recipes from homebrew talk. Thank you for the suggestion I think I will stay...
  2. ruddyscot

    Corny Keg's Pick 5 Hopzoil Giveaway!

    Thanks Corny Keg. I will have the following please: hopzoil ambrosia hopzoil three C’s hopzoil citrus fruit bomb. hopzoil cashmere hopzoil Ahhhhroma
  3. ruddyscot

    Corny Keg Corny 5G Cooler Giveaway

    I love to take my homebrew to the homebrew shop so that new customers can find out it’s really not impossible to brew good beer at home. Thanks to homebrew talk
  4. ruddyscot

    Bray's One Month Mead

    DanO, thanks for your reply,and THANK YOU for being a veteran!
  5. ruddyscot

    Bray's One Month Mead

    Yes, this is an old post, but recently discovered. All the local home brew shops have discontinued Wyeast. Your recipes calls for number 1388. Do you have an alternative yeast? What other Belgian strong yeast might work? Are Belgian dry yeasts an option? Thanks for your time and all the effort...
  6. ruddyscot

    BrewChatter Brew Zilla/Robo Brew Giveaway

    It’s about time i win SOMETHING. PLEASE.
  7. ruddyscot

    RO systems cost effective?

    Dear Mr. Goose A quick note to thank you for all the work you’ve done in this area and for taking the time to put it on this forum. It’s really helpful for all of us. I live near Charlotte NC and have good water, but I am concerned about heavy metals and other contaminants. Maybe I’ve read too...
  8. ruddyscot

    Comparing Homebrewing Software

    Thank you again and again
  9. ruddyscot

    Texas Grain mill $50

    Good point re: shipping. Any idea at all about mfg? bottom end? Or higher?
  10. ruddyscot

    Texas Grain mill $50

    Hi, Just what I need. Any idea what it weighs? I'm in North Carolina -- could be pricey to ship
  11. ruddyscot

    Spike Brewing Giveaway - New CF10 Conical Fermenter!!

    oh please. . . . Isn't it my turn?
  12. ruddyscot

    Coronado Sock Knocker

    Hi, I just finished my last one and already I miss it. Great malt base; hops right in there; gotta get more. Can't afford a trip to San Diego, so asking if anyone has a clone recipe they would share. I searched the site and found three reference numbers, but nothing really about the beer...
  13. ruddyscot

    Made to be Broken: Style Bending and Thinking Outside the Box

    Very fine-- NO superb-- article. Well written, concise, trace of humor, and lots of facts. the entire article stayed on point and everything made sense. Thanks
  14. ruddyscot

    An Idiots Guide to Temperature Controllers

    great article. But I need HELP. I bought a stc 100A. worked fine for the first week and now I can't get temps below 52 F in my keezer. Can't find any instructions, but kinda sorta followed the ones for the STC1000. Should I just buy another controller [very limited budget] or can someone...
  15. ruddyscot

    Maintaining A Healthy Yeast Bank Long Term

    good article, yes. I've been propagating yeast from the original package and storing in the frig. How the heck do I get temperatures as low as 20 below zero at home?
  16. ruddyscot

    Ingredients supplier?

    I believe that the previous posts are correct-- if that is the word. I have ordered from Austin Home brew, No. Brewer, Alternative Beverage [my LHBS] MoreBeer, Mid West, and some others. I subscribe to all their notices and usually find good information about a variety of things. Sometimes...
  17. ruddyscot

    dark star burner

    Mick, I didn't use Stainless Steel-- just palin ol' washers. ps I have th e same slogan about beer changing the world on a refer magnet!! Same company has one " Porn saved out marriage" with a picture of a "Ozzie and Harriet" couple. too funny
  18. ruddyscot

    dark star burner

    incredibly easy once I saw the picture. Darn ! Can't upload the picture . place washers at 1 and 7 o'clock or thereabouts. simply loosen center bolt and slip washers down the side between fluted thingy and the iron base. this works very well
  19. ruddyscot

    Black Friday / Cyber Monday Weekend @ + GIVEAWAY!

    Please. I'd really like a 3 gallon keg thanks for your participation