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  1. Chuckbergman

    German IPA

    I recently brewed an "almost" SMaSH. 100% Vienna Malt, Magnum hops for bittering and Mandarin Bavaria hops for flameout and dry hop. I call it a Bavarian Pale Ale. It is quite tasty with a soft bitterness. I've used 100% Munich for some very tasty beers as well. I agree with other posters...
  2. Chuckbergman

    1 lb. of yeast?

    I brewer friend gave me a 500g bric of S-04 once. I brewed on it for 2-3 years! I transferred to food-grain container and stored in fridge. I will admit that toward the end I had to use more grams to get the fermentation activity required. I've since switched to yeast harvesting from my starters.
  3. Chuckbergman

    Need a Narrow and Tall Hop Spider

    I need help finding a narrow (like 4" diameter) and tall (like 14" or adjustable) hop spider for boiling. I have a 6x14 now, but it just barely fits in my 15gal brewpot when I add my wort chiller. I'm afraid I'll damage the mesh. I've found 4x10, but that won't extend deep enough in my brewpot...
  4. Chuckbergman

    Can I reuse a beer that didnt turn out, for my mash water

    Brew a high ABV beer and blend the 2 for a nice regular beer.
  5. Chuckbergman

    Putting the red into an amber ale

    I've read (maybe even on this forum) that Viking Red Active Malt is a good substitute for RedX. I haven't used it yet - does anyone have experience with it?
  6. Chuckbergman

    Repeat Recipes

    I think I brew very similarly to Brambling Cross, although I don't think I've ever given it the methodical definitions that he has. I like trying new recipes (experimental) and when I find ones that I like, I move them into development. Some of those become locked and I know that when I brew it...
  7. Chuckbergman

    Going bulk grain - need some advice

    Agree with what most posters have said. I have almost completely switched to MO for my base malt. I usually buy a bag of MO and a bag of Munich. Due to price, this last purchase I went with a bag of Superior Pale Malt and a bag of Vienna. So far I like those, but prefer MO.
  8. Chuckbergman

    What is your cutoff time of day to start brewing?

    I normally schedule my brew day either on a Sunday or take a day off work. Generally get started by 10am and finishing clean up by 2-3pm. I have started later with no problem. Once I brewed a beer after work, not starting until about 6pm. But it was a 30min mash and 30min boil SMaSH beer that I...
  9. Chuckbergman

    Do I understand this bulk grain thing correctly?

    Check with your local grocery store that has a bakery, or a local bakery/donut shop. They get many of their ingredients in white food-safe buckets with lids that hold about 20# of grain. They often give them away or charge a minimal fee.
  10. Chuckbergman

    Most overrated beer

    I have 2 categories of over hyped to address: 1. Beers that are only released in a limited area so craft beer enthusiasts (ie us) go crazy trying to get it. I'm looking at you Spotted Cow. I just had one last week and although a good beer, not worth driving to Wisconsin to get it (I live in...
  11. Chuckbergman

    Favorite/Worst Cheap Beer?

    Don't hate me, but I've grown fond of Steel Reserve and Hurricane (not sure who makes it). Yeah, they are basically malt liquor - 8% ABV, 25oz can for $1.59. It hits the spot for cheap and great on the golf course when you want a little buzz with your birdies! Worst is Naturday Strawberry Lemon...
  12. Chuckbergman

    Apple extract for flavor

    Maybe not be helpful to the extract adding cider flavor, but earlier this year I bought a multi-pack (6) pack of Olive Nation flavoring extracts to use with hard seltzer. I used about 2oz each of strawberry and red raspberry in a 3 gal. batch of hard seltzer. It did add some nice flavor, not too...
  13. Chuckbergman


    Similar to Daddyd's ephiphany, but I realized to just "quit sweating the small stuff." Like he said, you really have to mess up to make bad beer. I'm still careful with cleanliness and sanitation, but I don't obsess any more. Heck, last night I kegged my new NEIPA and didn't presoak the...
  14. Chuckbergman

    Yeast Expiration Date Approaching

    I had a homebrew buddy give me a brick of SO4. I kept it sealed in the fridge but brewed with it for years. I have to admit near the end I had to use more grams to get fermentation going - but hey I had free yeast for like 4-5 years!
  15. Chuckbergman

    Why no higher end picnic taps?

    Unrelated to SS picnic taps, but since we are all talking about picnic taps - how do you guys store yours when in use. I usually try to hang off the handle of one of my cornys with the tap handle, but it is not very secure. Any suggestions?
  16. Chuckbergman

    Periods of abstinence

    I try to only drink on the weekends, and maybe 1 day during the work week if I go out for a beer with a buddy (at least recently post-pandemic). Only problem with this is I "sometimes" drink a little too much Friday and Saturday nights ... and Sunday afternoon! As a practicing Catholic, I like...
  17. Chuckbergman

    Tips you would like to have known when you first started brewing?

    Many have already stated variations of my thoughts, but here are a few things I wish I knew at the beginning. 1. When brewing a new style, say a porter, research online for recipes and notice the common malts used. Then formulate a basic recipe and just brew a simple version of that style. Save...
  18. Chuckbergman

    I Want a Gronola Bar in a Glass!

    Very curious on the the results of 100% Victory. Vienna and 10L Munich both fully convert and I've made a really tasty SMaSH beer with Munich. It is definitely malty, but not sure if it's the level you're looking for?
  19. Chuckbergman

    90min vs 60 min boil - from a practicality standpoint

    More of a related question to the shorter mash/boil time. Do you need to make any special adjustments in BeerSmith when crafting the recipe, or does software automatically adjust when you change the mash and boil times?
  20. Chuckbergman

    Hard Seltzer slow fermentation after 6 days...

    UPDATE: So the warm water bath seemed to be a success. I got the temp. up to 77. I think the big key is to treat fermention like a yeast starter. For the next 3-4 days I removed air lock so seltzer would gas out, then I shook/swirled the carboy, finally replaced the air lock. I did this in the...