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  1. Joe C

    For Sale NH - Carboys

    For someone local - come take them off my hands and toss me a couple bucks. If not, I’m calling the trash company to see if they will recycle them.
  2. Joe C

    For Sale NH - Carboys

    Appreciate the offer, but for the time/effort I’m not going to ship them.
  3. Joe C

    For Sale NH - Carboys

    Yikes. Am I way off?
  4. Joe C

    Project Monsterator

    reviving as I’m selling some kegs… Unfortunately no. 3 kids later brewing took a back seat. I still have all of the taps and shanks brand new in boxes. I use most of my kegs for seltzer or cold brew. Someday I’ll pick brewing back up, but for now I just enjoy the fruits of other’s labor :)
  5. Joe C

    For Sale NH - Carboys

    Hey Gang, Been a long time since I’ve been on. Anywho, it’s time to sell off some of my gear, as it’s just taking up space. Unsure what carboys are going for these days, so let’s take a shot. I’d prefer someone take the whole lot (4) 5 gal. Made in Mexico. $20 each (2) 6.5 gal. Made in Italy...
  6. Joe C


    Yeah, that was quite depressing. Ultimately it's been ok for me as I haven't really brewed much in the past year. Haven't had time. I already sold a couple of carboys since posting, so I'm all set now. Thanks though!
  7. Joe C


    Good Deal. Anyone have interest in buying a couple of Carboys off of me? Now that all of my equipment is in one place I realize I have too much stuff. Would like to sell 2 of them. 5gals. 25 bucks a piece? Not even sure what the going rate is at this point for them.
  8. Joe C


    Yeah, seems a little slow around here...
  9. Joe C

    It's official starting my own brewing business!

    Bad ass! Congrats on starting up and good luck! I'll be watching this one.
  10. Joe C

    Boston brewers, BHB is at the BBC

    They are good guys. I went to HS with a couple of the kids. thumbs up to blue hills
  11. Joe C

    Project Monsterator

    Glad to hear! It definitely sucked... This was tossed out a few months after I busted it, unfortunately. But that's definitely a good idea! Yeah, it was awesome. Looking back I'd love to smack myself upside the head, but the unit itself was pretty rough. Thanks a ton! As of right now I'm...
  12. Joe C


    Anyone in the area?
  13. Joe C

    The Official 2011 Masstoberfest Thread

    PTN - my mailbox is 100x full right now (haven't reupped membership so its completely full). is there anyway you can email the addy to me? Removed email address.
  14. Joe C

    The Official 2011 Masstoberfest Thread

    Tempting. I may try to make my way to this one - haven't been able to make this in years past.
  15. Joe C

    Fruit and Spice Beer Haerfest Spiced Apple Ale

    just brewed this... looks/smells fantastic. Very excited to ferment/drink!
  16. Joe C

    Project Monsterator

    Unfortunately, this project has completely stopped, for now. For all of 2010 I lived at home with my parents, and built a 2-tap unit that has served well. One sankey, one ball lock tap. In November of 2010 we moved into our new house. In the past few months we finished the investment...
  17. Joe C

    Best burner? Hurricane VS Jet VS Banjo?

    Bayou Classic. 'Nuff Said.
  18. Joe C

    Vintage Kelvinator freezer restoration

    You copied the url not the actual link to the picture. Cool project!
  19. Joe C

    First Pint!

    Looks deee-lish. Congrats!
  20. Joe C

    New From Cape Cod

    Welcome from westwood!