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  1. cubalz

    WTB: Blichmann Riptide Pump

    I am looking for a Blichmann Riptide pump, new or used. Please email me at [email protected] with what you have and price. Prost! John
  2. cubalz

    BIAB in 10 Gallon Kettle

    I am heading over to a new friends house this weekend to help him brew on his much smaller kettle and I have some worries for a typical 1.050-1.060 beer using 11-13 lbs. of grain: A) Can the above beer recipe be brewed in a 10 gallon kettle (BIAB, full volume, no sparge) and comfortably fit...
  3. cubalz

    Delaware For Sale: 30 amp Electric Brew Panel

    I am selling my trusty 30 amp brew panel. Comes with 2 quick connect braided stainless steel probes that screw into either TC connectors or an NPT fitting if that is what you use. I used it to power a 5500 watt stainless steel TC element (not included) and also will run 2 pumps. Has a large...
  4. cubalz

    Grain Displacement Question

    I am getting ready to brew a 1.049 OG 5 gallon beer recipe but want to use my smaller 10 gallon kettle (it was a wife present and I have not used it in a while) instead of the 15 gallon one and I want to make sure it can handle the recipe. The total grain bill is 11 lb 3 oz and the software I...
  5. cubalz

    Colorado Brewing Systems Customer Service?

    I am in the market for a 15 gallon brew kettle and have been looking online at the one that Colorado Brewing Systems offers. The price is right and is able to be customized to my liking but here is my issue: I have called many times every work day and have left multiple voice mails detailing...
  6. cubalz

    Aventco IC3500 Induction Burner

    I am looking for an Aventco IC3500 induction burner. Cash in hand and Paypal ready. Please email me at [email protected] with what you have and price. Thanks! John
  7. cubalz

    Water pH Query

    I just got my well water pH tested. The results showed it as: 5.95 or 6 if you round it. Just for background, this was done in our lab at work on a calibrated ThermoFisher Scientific system that is dead on accurate as it has calibration verification done pre shift every day. My question is...
  8. cubalz

    Monster Mill 3 or Crankenstein

    I am looking for a used MM3 or Crankenstein grain mill that someone wants to part with. Please email me at [email protected] with what you have and cost. Thanks! John
  9. cubalz

    Delaware Brutus Brewstand

    Price lowered to $200.00 before I list it on eBay. I am selling an extra brew stand I have that seems to be getting in my way. This was welded up using 1 1/2" steel box tubing and a 1 x 3" piece as the center base support. Features welded in burner wings at the front of each kettle opening so...
  10. cubalz

    Looking for a Brew Buddy in DE

    In the last number of years, I have been relegated to home brewing by myself as my wife does not dig the "alchemy" part of home brewing only the drinking part. Many years ago when I lived in PA, I had a buddy that I brewed with, hung out and drank homebrew or any beer for that matter. It was...
  11. cubalz

    Delaware Brew Stand Pump Outlet - New

    I am selling an unused brew stand outlet system with GFCI that I purchased from another forum member (Poisl) awhile back but ended up going a different route. It is all new, ready to bolt on and use. Asking $35.00 shipped to any forum member in the US. If anyone has any questions, please email...
  12. cubalz

    Brew Control Enclosure Questions

    I am about halfway completed with my Brutus 10 stand build. I am at the point where I am thinking about starting my control box to house all of the switches etc. Stupid question: what housing enclosure is everyone using and where did you get it? I have the 1 1/2" box tubing steel ready to make...
  13. cubalz

    Cream Ale Extract Brew Questions

    I am looking to brew an extract cream ale and found this one on line: 3.3 lb Extra Light LME 2 lb Pilsen DME (15 mins before end of boil) 1 lb Corn Sugar (15 mins before end of boil) 1.25 oz Willamette Hops (60 min for bittering) 1 oz Willamette Hops (10 min for aroma) Makes 5 gallons...
  14. cubalz

    3 Gallon Cornelius Kegs - Used

    I am looking for some used 3 gallon Cornelius kegs. Email me at [email protected] with what you have and price. Thanks! John
  15. cubalz

    Blichmann Brewmometer Mount "Conversion" Question

    I have an extra weldless adjustable Blichmann brewmometer that I would like to convert to 1/2" NPT. Can this be done? If so, how. These things cost a small fortune and I am getting ready to purchase an extra kettle from Spike Brewing to go along with my Blichmann's but would like to avoid buying...
  16. cubalz

    Grolsch Swivel Top Bottles

    I am looking for any quantity of Grolsch or the like (Fischers etc) swivel/swing top bottles. Please email me at [email protected] with what you have, quantity and price. I have cash in hand and am a Paypal Premier user. Thanks! John
  17. cubalz

    Ball Lock Keg Gas In Question

    I purchased a used pin lock keg recently and bought a ball lock conversion kit from corny and when I went to replace the connections, I noticed that the keg did not have a gas in short tube with o ring. I asked the homebrew place where I bought the used keg and they saiid that I did not...
  18. cubalz

    Blichmann Floor Burner - Used

    I am looking for a used Blichmann floor burner, with or without the leg extensions. Please email me what you have at [email protected] I have cash in hand. Thanks! John
  19. cubalz

    New SS Immersion Chiller - Initial Cleaning?

    I just got a brand new 50' stainless steel immersion chiller from NY Brew yesterday. What a great deal and the quality is top notch. My question is: The directions say to clean the coils of any machining oil prior to first use. Says to use TSP or equivilent. Looked locally and cannot find any...
  20. cubalz

    Single Tier Brew Stand Tubing Thickness Question

    I called my local steel guy looking for pricing on 2" mild steel box tube for my upcoming single tier brew stand and he asked what thickness I wanted. Said that I could order 3/16", 1/4" or 1/8". Honestly, my buddy is welding this up and I have no clue what thickness steel I should use. 1/4" is...