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  1. ToastedPenguin

    Questions about racking on to a yeast cake

    Brewing this Sunday and decided to do an IPA. I have a Pale Ale that I used WY1056 on that I am about to pull of the yeast into my cornies so I can dry hop it and then carb it. Haven't had the chance to brew 2 similar beers back to back like this where the timing worked out and I had the yeast...
  2. ToastedPenguin

    First time brewing a Weizenbock

    Been brewing for a several years but have been brewing IPAs, porter, stouts etc. Staying away from German beers until recently. Just brewed ny first weizenbock and I'm trying to decide if I should keg it like I do for most of my beers or if this style needs to be bottled. Looking for advice...
  3. ToastedPenguin

    Accounting for maltodextrin in FG

    I've used lactose in several beers and know to subtract 1.007 from the SG/FG but this My first time out using maltodextrine in a beer. Since it's partially fermentable how do I account for it in my numbers so I know what the SG/FG is and when the yeasties are done doing their thing?
  4. ToastedPenguin

    using bilge Fan & dehumidifier to prevent moisture in Kegerator

    I am using 2 of these dehumidifiers to help reduce the moisture in my kegerator: They will be rotated out one at a time so one is recharging while the other is soaking up the moisture. To help circulate the cool air...
  5. ToastedPenguin

    Wanting to Motorize a monster mm-3

    Just got a mm-3 and I would like to motorize it. I am going to start off building the table for it, not sure of the design yet though. I'd also like to find a CW motor for it at a reasonable price that can get the job done. Any recommendations on this would be helpful. Thanks.
  6. ToastedPenguin

    Stout creamer for my keezer

    Getting a stout creamer for my keezer but I am not sure what size Nitro/beer gas tank to get. Figure the tank is only for this one faucet but not sure what size to go with so I'm not filling up to frequently. Looking for recommendations on a good size that will get the job done. Thanks!
  7. ToastedPenguin

    IC & whirlpooling not as effective as I'd like

    Decided to go IC & whirlpool to cool my wort when I stepped into 11g AG brewing. I was concerned with getting a plate chiller clogged full of hops or other gunk and the CF didn't seem like the best bet for late addition brewing. While I like the trub cone that forms at the bottom of the kettle...
  8. ToastedPenguin

    CO2 line Quick Disconnects

    Are there any quick disconnects that can be used with the plumbing for Co2? I would like to be able to remove the gas lines from my barbed regulator so I can move the tank with the regulator connected away from my keezer temporarily and use co2 to push beer from my sanke keg fermenters or...
  9. ToastedPenguin

    Leaving iodaphore mixture in a corny

    I've seen the "film" that develops when you leave starsan in a keg to long, which can be removed with vinegar. Is there a similar situation if you leave iodaphore in a keg to long?
  10. ToastedPenguin

    Conditioning/2ndary in a corny

    I have 10g of a winter warmer I brewed back at the end of July. It's a nice hefty 9.3% ABV brew so it's been sitting in the primary since it was brewed. I want to move it off the yeast and into a secondary until it's ready to serve probably around the end of November. I have available...
  11. ToastedPenguin

    Band Aid taste Post Kegged Beer

    I brewed 10G of an IPA which was dry hopped and kegged it in two 5G ball lock kegs back in June. Both kegs were put on pressure and one of the kegs was put on tap in my keezer which is fitted with perlick taps. The first keg lasted until about 3 weeks ago with no noticeable off taste. Once it...
  12. ToastedPenguin

    Keggle 4sale Chicago area

    I have a single keggle for sale, top has been cut and its polished. No holes have been drilled so it ready to be customized. Asking $100 for it and I am out in the Naperville area.
  13. ToastedPenguin

    pH meter recommendations

    Looking for recommendations for a well rounded pH meter, features maintainability/calibration, price etc. Tired of the pH strips but don't know where to start with looking for a meter. Thanks! David
  14. ToastedPenguin

    For Sale - SS Half Barrel Kegs- Chicago Metro (Naperville/Aurora)

    I have a few SS Half Barrel Kegs for sale - $60 each. Perfect condition, they can be used for keggles or SS fermenters. They were obtained legally. If you are interested let me know, I'm in the western suburbs of Chicago out in the Naperville/Aurora area.
  15. ToastedPenguin

    Adding spices in secondary

    I brewed an Imperial Pumpkin Ale a few weeks ago and racked it into secondary this past weekend on to some high quality vanilla extract. While I intend to age this brew until mid/late October (haven't decided if I'll leave it in carboys or rack to corny kegs) I've read that extended aging for...
  16. ToastedPenguin

    Adjusting Mash and Sparge water

    If you are adjusting your mash water using something like the bru'n water spreadsheet and diluting your mash water 50/50 with de-chlorinated tap & distilled and adding back what minerals you need in order to reach a specific water profile for your mash do you need to do the same thing for the...
  17. ToastedPenguin

    Worth trying to get to estimated FG?

    I have brew that started with an OG of 1.078 that has been sitting in primary for 7 days. The estimated FG was supposed to be around 1.018. I took the first FG reading today in preparation for racking to secondary and the FG is at 1.021. This being my first high gravity AG brews, is it...
  18. ToastedPenguin

    When to add new yeast to bottle condition.

    I bottled all my beer which was usually at a moderate OG level up until I built my keezer at which time I switched to kegging. Now that I just brewed a high OG brew (@1.086), I'm wondering if I will need to add fresh yeast at bottling time in order for there to be viable yeast to carb the beer...
  19. ToastedPenguin

    Show your clever fermentation vessels

    We all know about carboys, better bottles, and SS conicals but it would be interesting to see other clever uses of food grade or SS containers being used to ferment. Any takers willing to show em?
  20. ToastedPenguin

    Start Warm then cool or start cool then warm

    I recall reading and possibly hearing on a podcast or two that for ales it can be good fermentation practice to cool the wort down to between ~75-80 (depending on the yeast), pitch the yeast and then slowly cool the wort down to the mid 60's. After hearing/reading about this it made sense...