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    For Sale Oregon- Entire Homebrew setup

    For sale around Salem, Oregon Only took a few pictures. I can take more on request. I have an entire setup for sale. From brew to kegging. Including but not limited too; 4 key lock kegs CO2 bottle 4 brew kettles of various sizes. Including a brewbuilt 10 gal. 2 sanke kegs, 1 with the top...
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    SoCal Brew Demo NOV. 7

    BrewToys in Riverside, CA will be having a brew demo on November 7th. If you are in the area you should stop in and say hi. We are most likely going to be doing a dual brew and demonstrating two different types of brewing (all grain and extract). We would love to see you guys out there. Also...
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    What is the best way to reach local brewers?

    I work for a SoCal homebrew shop and we are looking for ideas on the best way to reach out to local brewers. We are fairly new and are searching for ideas.
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    California Corny Keg/ Wort Chiller/ 3L Glass Bottles. For Sale: Used Corny Keg Cleaned recently: Sold Stainless Steel Wort Chiller: $45 Glass Bottles: $10 for the lot, minus the one brown growler. Would prefer not to ship. Located in...