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  1. jammin

    Brewing God-Tier recipe this weekend - will report back!

    Is this not the most annoying thing you can see in a recipe thread? I vote for an Auto-ban that can only be revoked by fulfilling said promise which should a penalty of 1 photo for every step/ingredient bastardized from the OP's recipe!:tank:
  2. jammin

    Idaho Misc homebrew items - take a look

    refractometer - sold nitro tap (includes handle & shank) - $30 kettle spider - $20 4 way manifold - sold taprite regulator - $35. It does have a "dent" in the dial face that does not affect function. Ball Lock fittings - $3 each 3/8" flare tail piece - $3 each MoreBeer quick disconnects...
  3. jammin

    Idaho MoreBeer Ultimate Sparge Arm - $75

    Lightly used and is a great piece of equipment. Loc Line works better in my system though. Buyer pays shipping.
  4. jammin

    Dual pitch: Wyeast 1968 & 1056. English and Cali ale advice

    I'm brewing a single hop IPA and looking to pitch Wyeast 1968 as the primary and 1056 as a secondary near the end of fermentation. My goals are to: - get fruity, English yeast esters - obtain a dry finish (1.010 or lower) The plan is pitch a healthy starter of 1968 with oxygen and...
  5. jammin

    how do you brew your coffee, what's your routine?

    How do you get your morning joe? Do you use preground or do you grind fresh? Do you have an automatic brewer or do you do you make your coffee manually? I grind home roasted coffee by weight then add temperature controlled water by weight. I heat up my water with a Bonavita...
  6. jammin

    FT: 3 Head Hop Monster - Melvin/Boneyard/Barley Browns Colab + Pallet Jack

    2 - 32oz canned crowlers. Need this deal done tonight so I can ship out tmrw morning. ISO: anything bomb. Especially 2nd fiddle or SoS
  7. jammin

    FT: Consecration (multiple) ISO: barrel aged or Vermont IPA

    Also open trade for other interesting sours
  8. jammin

    ISO: Heady 4x FT: Zombie Dust 6x

    Any takers? Open to other vermont IPA's as well MBC IPA's. batch is 12/29
  9. jammin

    Idaho FS: Immersion Chiller from MoreBeer

    50'x1/2" with brass fittings $100 shipped anywhere OCONUS Selling b/c I haven't used it in over a year. Thought I would use it for a pre-chiller on my CFC and never did.
  10. jammin

    FT: BCBS 2014 & 2013 ISO: Heady or Alpine Nelson or barrel aged

    I prefer hoppy beers but am open to other barrel aged offers. Im open minded and not terribly picky cheers j
  11. jammin

    Velvet MERKIN clone attempt - help needed

    Hi all - Merkin is fantastic beer and I'd love to try and nail down this recipe. I'm not a pro at designing/brewing stouts so if you have any insight please chime in. Here is what FSW has listed for ingredients: Velvet Merkin Our decadent Oatmeal Stout lovingly aged in Bourbon...
  12. jammin

    IPA'S: What's the point of 15, 10, 5 additions?

    Seriously - whats the point? Don't even get me started on 30 minute additions... Lately Ive been moving all these late additions to zero and/or hopback with awesome results. I believe 1 bittering addition makes controlling bitterness much easier and you retain more flavor/aroma in your...
  13. jammin

    IPA recipe - what's your 2 cents? brewing tomorrow

    fairly basic recipe - just curious to hear your thoughts. i always like hearing different points of view Style: Imperial IPA Boil Time: 90 min Batch Size: 6 gallons (ending kettle volume) Boil Size: 7.75 gallons Boil Gravity: 1.059 (recipe based estimate) Efficiency: 75% (ending kettle)...
  14. jammin

    ISO: Double Sunshine FT: Zombie Dust, Barley Brown's (any), FW (multiple), Pliny

    If you haven't heard of Barley Brown's and you like hops - you don't know what youre missing. They regularly kill it at the GABF and National IPA challenge. Their beers are VERY hard to come by and distribution is crazy limited. I can get Pallet Jack IPA, Hand Truck APA (frickn awesome)...
  15. jammin

    Kamado cookers thread (green egg, kamado joe, primo etc)

    Sup fellas - show off your ceramic cooker plunder here Here's a NY strip I cooked black & pink tonight
  16. jammin

    My new Memphis Select pellet grill

    I finally pulled the trigger on upgrading from my traeger. I got a 2012 Memphis Select for a great deal and couldn't resist. More pics to come but I had to show off my shiny new toy :D
  17. jammin

    need grain scale recommendation

    Anyone no of a great digital scale for weighing your grist? I'd like it to be able to fit a 5 gallon bucket if possible.
  18. jammin

    What is your favorite DRY RUB??

    What's your fav dry rub or rub recipe?? I'm working my way through a few popular ones at the moment:
  19. jammin

    Pit controllers (BBQ Guru/stoker).. anyone use one?

    I've had mine for a year and a half. Love it. Great for pork and beef jerky especially.
  20. jammin

    Hibachi grilling

    Throw anotha' shrimp on the barbie! Man I love grilling on this thing