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  1. Bcarlton74

    For Sale SOLD - Northern Illinois-2 tier all grain homebrew equipment

    Sold - 2 tier all grain homebrew stand with water filter built in. 10 gallon HLT with thermometer and ball valve converted to electric, 10 gallon MLT with thermometer, ball valve and false bottom. 15.5 gallon keggle/boil kettle with thermometer,ball valve, lid and whirlpool arm. Keggle has 1.5"...
  2. Bcarlton74

    Water Profile

    So just received my Ward Lab brewing water profile. Still trying to wrap my head around the science behind water. I'm on a well and have been brewing good beer for 5 years now. Just installed a 3 stage whole house filter mainly to help with iron and Manganese as well as flavor. Just curious what...
  3. Bcarlton74

    Glycol chiller

    Hoping someone can help me. Have the opportunity to purchase the Micro Matic Pro-Line 1/3 HP Glycol Power Pack beer line chiller at a great price. Is it possible to use this as a chiller during fermentation? Don't need it to chill beer lines so if it can't be converted then I won't waste my...
  4. Bcarlton74

    Wort Rally Help

    Doing a wort rally competition again this year. Wort is going to be a pilsner. Want to darken it up some, thinking dark lager. Is it possible to steep some specialty grains at 170 and only re-boil for 5 mins or so? If so, how long should I steep those grains?
  5. Bcarlton74

    Illinois SOLD-Catalyst Fermentation System

    I have added a sampling valve and new lid gasket. Located in Gurnee, Illinois Local pickup. Can meet within a reasonable distance. $100
  6. Bcarlton74

    DDH Hazy DIPA constructive criticism

    New to creating my own recipes. Took suggestions on style and hops from my brewing collaborators. This is what I came up with. Any constructive criticism would be appreciated. 😁
  7. Bcarlton74

    Help with ingredients

    Local brewery and brew shop are doing a wort rally for charity. I buy 5 or more gallons of wort, add whatever yeast and ingredients I want. Looking to do either two 5 gallon batches or two 2.5 gallon batches. Going to be brewing with a couple of family members and a friend. The wort will be a...
  8. Bcarlton74

    Fermentation and Dry Hopping

    So brewed a DDH NEIPA - Avg. Perfect Northeast IPA (NEIPA) Brewers Friend My preboil gravity was low so I added what I thought was the right amount of DME Light to bring it up. Original gravity ended up being high. Today is 11 days in the fermentor and it's still bubbling. Not vigorously, but...
  9. Bcarlton74

    New to site. Getting ready for my first all grain brew.

    Love the site so far. Built a gravity brewstand for my 2 10 gallon coolers and 16 gallon kettle. Plumbed for filtered water.