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  1. Denny's Evil Concoctions

    Induction burner question

    How close does steel have to be to an induction burner to work? I have a large chill plate I acquired a while back.. the kind you use to chill pop for a pop gun.. its about 3" thick aluminum with a lot of SS line inside. Not sure if the SS line is magnetic and if it is if the aluminum would...
  2. Denny's Evil Concoctions

    Hot water coil immersed in mash tun?

    I have a direct fired recirculating mash system. I'm not a strong believer in continously recirculating the mash as with high gravity beers or wheat beers, this can compact the grain bed excessively. Wondering if anyone has tried circulating hot water through an immersion coil that is in...
  3. Denny's Evil Concoctions

    Ferm chamber - Aldehyde issues?

    I know two guys that are having issues with their beer having aldehyde. 4 batches, 3 diff dry yeast strains. I was theorizing that it could be temp issues. They just started using a freezer with a temp controller. I thiink the temp is set at 17c. They don't have fans in the freezer. Could...
  4. Denny's Evil Concoctions

    2013 Hop Harvest - Another "Crisis"?

    My industry sources are telling me that there is another impending hop crisis coming. Low yields in Washington and flooding in Czech have led to some varieties being in short supply. It is thought that the speculators will horde hops, even those that are NOT in low supply, and drive prices up...
  5. Denny's Evil Concoctions

    Okanagan (BC) Homebrewers Association

    Since I've been geeting pm's regarding homebrew supplies etc in my area I suspect that there might finally be enough AG and Extract brewers here to form some sort of association. Meetings, samplings, group buys , etc. PM me with your contact info if interested. Please put "OHA" in the subject...
  6. Denny's Evil Concoctions

    Experimental Honey Malt/Wheat beer

    So I made this experimental beer. Mainly cause I haven't been able to drive up to Armstrong and get any grains from Gambrinus. I have a ton of wheat and honey malt, and was getting sick of drinking heffe's, so I made a 12.5 plato beer with: 27% Honey Malt 27% Munich 10 9% dark crystal 37%...
  7. Denny's Evil Concoctions

    efficiency WTF moment

    I'm very perplexed. My efficiency dropped from a regular 90% to less than 65%. I hadn't brewed in quiet some time and I started brewing again 1.5 years ago. AT that time I rebuilt my DIY grinder and concurrently had my hydrometer break and had to replace it. well I've fiddled with the...
  8. Denny's Evil Concoctions

    Outside the box uses for Wheat Malt.

    Been a while since I was a regular on HBT. I'm wondering if any of you have tried making outside the box wheat beers. Pilsner styles IPA's etc, but with wheat heavy grain bills. Also traditional wheat styles but hopped up NA style. I have a **** ton of malted wheat as I didn't catch that...
  9. Denny's Evil Concoctions

    First Wort Hop - The Science??

    Anyone know of a definitive article explaining the science behind FWH'ing? I know it works. Done it many times. I have even mash hopped with success. Having said that, I have yet to read any article or book that explains the science behind the technique, answering the age old question...
  10. Denny's Evil Concoctions

    Beer Commercial I Produced

    For the Big Rock Eddies Contest. Should know by end of April if we are in the top 18.
  11. Denny's Evil Concoctions

    Error when changing avatar!

    I can not save an image for an avatar. Even images I have used in the past. When I try and change my av I get this message: Unable to save image And for the last several month I have not been able to save any gif as an av. That message comes up as: wrong jpeg extension Not being...
  12. Denny's Evil Concoctions

    Denny's quick and dirty FAQ

    Some of this can be argued to death but generally the following is true (real world experience vs theory). Also, the point of these answers is to dispel the inaccurate "You can NOT" myths. There can be arguments for which is better but the following are true IME. I think we need a...
  13. Denny's Evil Concoctions

    NHL 2009/20020 Season - Drunken Trash talk Allowed

    Ok, a bit early but Pre-season is under way. Damn, they start when it is still almost 30c and end when it is almost 30c. I should move somewhere colder so it feels like hockey season is almost under way. Well, at least where it gets colder sooner. We don't really get fall here in...
  14. Denny's Evil Concoctions

    Kegging spiced beer - a Warning

    I thought I'd post this since I have been seeing more posts about spiced beers etc for the fall/winter months. When kegging a spiced beer, keep in mind that certain spices and herbs will "stain" you beer lines and can be almost impossible to rid the lines of there permeated flavor. Two of...
  15. Denny's Evil Concoctions

    CFL (Canadian Football League)

    Any CFL fans? Yes likely just a Canadian sports thing.... #tag#Sports
  16. Denny's Evil Concoctions

    Any GIS people here?

    Anyone here work in GIS (Goegraphical Information Systems)? Thinking of getting into this as a career change but I'm trying to sort out whether it is a job that is boring or not.
  17. Denny's Evil Concoctions

    Evil (and possibly also "mad") Scientist plans

    Any other Evil Scientists out their plotting world domination? You don't have to be a "mad" scientist, but you should be an evil one. I'm currently trying to invigorate fire with a life force. Anyone else had any success with this? I've tried draining the life force from various types of...
  18. Denny's Evil Concoctions

    Denny's (D.E.C.) Summer Quaffin Ale

    Recipe: Denny's Summer Quaffin Ale Brewer: Denny Lajeunesse Style: Blonde Ale TYPE: All Grain Recipe Specifications -------------------------- Batch Size: 42.00 L Boil Size: 49.18 L Estimated OG: 1.040 SG Estimated Color: 3.9 SRM Estimated IBU: 28.1 IBU Brewhouse Efficiency...
  19. Denny's Evil Concoctions

    Be productive or drink HB all day?

    Should I do somehting productive or just drink HB all day? YOU decide!
  20. Denny's Evil Concoctions

    Dubbels and ssupended yeast?

    I can't remember, are dubbels supposed to be cloudy from yeast or should they be fairly clear? Might run a batch through a 2.5 micron and skip the .5 micron filter. With my dark strong's I usually don't filter at all.