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  1. Brett_Bellmore

    Bottle bombs, disarmed!

    So, I'd been in a little bit of a hurry to bottle my batch of cranberry/blood orange mead. (Wanted to free up the fermenter for something else.) As a result, the bottles ended up with an unpleasant amount of debris in the bottom after sitting in my closet for a couple months. Well, my better...
  2. Brett_Bellmore

    2020 WineMaker competition

    I'm thinking of entering a few of my meads in this competition. It's my first time in any competition, any advice? For instance, who to ship with?
  3. Brett_Bellmore

    Started my first bochet

    12lbs bananas, ripened, frozen, thawed and peeled 1/2 cup molasses 7 lbs cheap honey, caramelized 5 teaspoons yeast nutrient 4 campden tablets Water to make 4 gallons. Caramelizing the honey was an interesting process. Per advice I'd seen, I used the large crock pot, and was glad I did: It...
  4. Brett_Bellmore

    Starting a cyser tomorrow.

    It's my first one. So, aside from the usual nutrients and yeast, I take it I just use apple cider (I had some in the freezer from when we went apple picking.) instead of water, and adjust the amount of honey to get a reasonable starting specific gravity, say about 1.10, and that's about it...
  5. Brett_Bellmore

    Getting low on bottles

    Last night, as we were settling down for bed, out of nowhere my wife said, "You're getting low on bottles, you're going to have to buy more soon." :pYES!:p I've finally got her on my side! I knew it was worth it having her judge the sweetness when backsweetening my mead!
  6. Brett_Bellmore

    Queen Elizabeth's Mead?

    Has anybody tried making "Queen Elizabeth's Mead"? I just bottled my latest batch of key lime/ginger, and was thinking a methaglyn might be fun for my next batch. I've very fond of both rosemary and bay laurel, (Both grow in my garden!) and a quick search turned up a recipe at this site...
  7. Brett_Bellmore

    Juiced vs chopped ginger

    Just sampled my latest batch of key lime ginger mead. Not that it's ready to bottle, I've got it aging with some Hungarian oak, but I was removing the sediment, and there was some clear in the jar... (The Fast Ferment conical is handy that way, I'm finding.) Running the ginger through my...
  8. Brett_Bellmore

    A curious sight...

    I'm starting a new batch of my key lime ginger mead, (Most of the 1 gallon test batch got drank at our Christmas party.) only 3 gallons this time. I decided to see whether using the whole ginger root, just chopped finely, would produce a different flavor from juicing it. I was NOT expecting to...
  9. Brett_Bellmore

    Cranberry Orange mead just isn't fermenting; Can I cheat?

    I saw some pure cranberry juice in the grocery store, no additives or other juices, and thought a cranberry orange mead would be good. 2 lbs honey, 64 oz of cranberry juice, zest and juice of 4 navel oranges, a bit of yeast nutrient and campden, and water to make 1 gallon, and the next day I...
  10. Brett_Bellmore

    Bubbles coming off oak chips in secondary

    Is this a normal thing, just air escaping from the pores in the chips, or should I assume fermentation wasn't quite over? I've never used oak before. 'Cause if it isn't, I've got a couple of bombs to disarm. The bottle without chips is just sitting there doing nothing. I popped the cap on one...
  11. Brett_Bellmore

    At what point can I switch from airlock to cap when aging?

    I've got two gallon fermenters going on the table in our breakfast nook, and at some point my wife is going to get restive about that. Beyond that, I'm concerned about the light exposure, and potential for being bumped by a hyperactive nine year old. But the only feasible place I've found to...
  12. Brett_Bellmore

    Key lime ginger mead

    Just started my first batch of mead in a while. Zest of 10 key limes, juice from 3 of them. Juice of 1 pound ginger, chopped up, frozen for a couple days, and run through my juicer. (And that thing may go through carrots like nobody's business, but it found ginger tough sledding.) Juice from a...
  13. Brett_Bellmore

    Saga (Blue brie)

    Has anybody had success making Saga? My 9 year old has discovered brie, and since Saga is just a blue brie, I thought I'd try my hand at making some with him. Actually, my thought was that I'd fill one mold as brie, and while filling the other mold sprinkle in some crumbles of blue cheese as I...
  14. Brett_Bellmore

    First batch of lychee wine

    Had some lychee wine in Germany last summer, and I've wanted to make ever since. Picked up my canned lychees this morning at the local asian market. 5 cans, 20 oz each. Figured I'd need 8, but my wife put three of them back; "You can't possibly need that many lychees!" So, after draining off...
  15. Brett_Bellmore

    Easy tap beehive, is this cool or what? Been thinking of getting into beekeeping anyway, this might tip the balance. Anybody here making mead from their own honey?
  16. Brett_Bellmore

    Making cooking wine

    Anybody here making wine specifically for cooking with? My mother used to make this plum liquor just for stew, but that wasn't fermented, just plums, sugar cubes, and vodka. Made for some fantastic beef stew, though. I'm wondering if I could make a good wine for cooking with, that...
  17. Brett_Bellmore

    Minimum headroom?

    Just bottled my JAOM, started around Thanksgiving. My wife thinks it's a little bitter, but you can still smell the orange, and it's quite nice already. Ought to be ready for the toast come next Thanksgiving. But while I was bottling, my six year old came in and distracted me. A couple of the...