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  1. giraffeman

    Wanted Polish Hops

    Anyone have Lubelski Hops, or any other Polish Hops. I'm looking to make a Grodziskie but cant find anyone in the USA selling polish hops, (without getting a Lb or more)
  2. giraffeman

    Spartanburg "Challenger VI "Help

    I was given a Spartanburg "Challenger VI" keg with the one stainless handle , but it had no dip tubes (post or gas). I need some help in determining the size of the tubes so I can order replacements. The liquid side is a straight one but the length is what I question. From looking around I...
  3. giraffeman

    International Great beer Expo (1-31-15)

    Looks Like the Meadowlands Exposition Center will host it's 5th international Beer Expo. Is anyone planning on going? or has anyone been in the past, if so how was it? It looks like a decent list of breweries lined up along with a few seminars Well here is the link if anyone is interested...
  4. giraffeman

    Glass carboy & Corker (NJ)

    Looking for a 6.5 gal glass carboy to try making wine Also looking for a Corker if anyone is willing to part with one. I know I can get them from my LHBS, but I'm looking for a good/reasonable deal as these can be a bit pricy Thanks
  5. giraffeman

    Spilled 1/2 my starter

    Help! I just spilled a bunch of my starter. I was taking it off the stir plate and some how dropped it, at least 1/2 of my 1L starter dumped on the counter. The starter was going all night and should have been finished, I had some left over wort last night that I "CANNED", (Boiled in a...
  6. giraffeman

    Connecticut cornelius kegs

    NOT mine, just passing along
  7. giraffeman

    brew sculpture (new jersey)

    Looking for a brew sculpture/ stand I don't weld, so I'm thinking of just buying a used one Let me know what you have and what you want for it
  8. giraffeman

    New Jersey Raspberry Plants for trade (Local Only)

    Do you like Raspberry beer? Well now is your chance to grow your own Raspberries I just thinned out my plants and have some extras that I thought someone would like Note: These are large Plants that should get berries this summer, there are 3 to 4 plants in each pot, not the small ones you...
  9. giraffeman

    Bar Bandit & Beer bandit

    I just found this web site and was wondering it anyone has seen this or built one? It looks like it could be a fun Project :rockin: Note I do not work for this company or have anything to do with them Just thought it was a cool idea
  10. giraffeman

    BeerSmith 2.1 Memorial Day Sale – 30% Off

    Just a FYI Beer smith is on sale this weekend for only $19.95 Please Note I have nothing to do with this company I just placed a order and thought someone else might be able to take advantage :onestar::onestar::onestar:
  11. giraffeman

    Stainless steel coupler/disconnects

    OK I'm new to home brewing and have no clue about kegging but someone gave me a few stainless steel disconnects for ball lock corny kegs::ban: They look like this Has anyone used these? I'm trying to figure out what one...
  12. giraffeman

    NJ rookie

    Hello Just thought I would Say Whats UP! I'm from Central New Jersey and new to Home brewing I like beer but was never a "big drinker" Got hooked on this hobby when I got a starter kit for Christmas, I stumbled on to this forum early January and I can't stop reading all the posts. WOW so much...