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  1. klnosaj

    Is 4.4 cu ft fridge large enough for a 6 gal carboy?

    I'm shopping online for a fridge I can convert to a lagering/fermentation chamber. Is 4.4 cu ft large enough for a big carboy? If not, what size do I need? Space is really difficult to find in my house so I need to be as compact as possible with new brewing equipment. (But while we're at it...
  2. klnosaj

    Adding more wort to kettle after hot break?

    During yesterday's brew session I got distracted before I pulled the 2nd runnings. The 1st runnings had already begun to boil and I got a fine hot break. I then had to add the 2nd runnings which stopped the boil. My questions: how does adding wort to the boil affect hot break? Do later...
  3. klnosaj

    I just mashed a paper bag

    I accidentally took brew-in-a-bag to a new level. I didn't realize that there was a brown paper bag in the crushed grains I got from the LHBS until I was stirring the mash after dough-in. I thought I got all of it out but I just finished the vorlauf and found myself still picking pieces out...
  4. klnosaj

    California WTT: 12oz bottles for 22 oz bottles in Bay Area

    I have several cases of 12oz bottles, long neck and short neck, all sorted, delabeled, and washed. Want I want are 22oz "bomber" bottles in same condition. I'm thinking 24 of my 12 oz bottles for 12 of your 22 oz bottles? I'm in Berkeley.
  5. klnosaj

    Crappy EdgeStar Kegerator quit working in middle of lagering

    First off, I have to say that I'll never buy another EdgeStar appliance again. Their customer service is not only incompetent and self-contradictory, but rude and aggressively frustrating. My kegerator, which I use to lager carboys, has quit working. I was three weeks into a 6 week, 39F lager...
  6. klnosaj

    Hops Crowns to trade or give-away in Berkeley, CA

    My order of new full crown hops just came in and I ran out of planting room for everything that was sent. I have a crown (not rhizome!) of Fuggles H and a crown (not rhizome!) of Willamette. I'm in Berkeley. Trade me something you have laying around that you don't use or just come pick them...
  7. klnosaj

    Can the wort sit before boiling?

    I have a business meeting this evening and my morning meeting went long but I intended to brew today. Can I mash now, mash out and collect the wort before leaving for the meeting, and leave the wort on the stovetop for a couple of hours before I can get back home to begin the boil?
  8. klnosaj

    After harvest do I cut the bines down?

    Now that I've harvested for this year can I cut the bines back? Should I wait for them to start to dry out on their own or can I get to it as soon as I've picked them clean?
  9. klnosaj

    Lagering Time and Temp for California Common?

    Is there a standard for length and temperature of lagering for California Common? I'm using Wyeast 2112. Thanks.
  10. klnosaj

    Exceedingly long ferm time for washed yeast

    Two of the most recent times I've used yeast I've washed I've experienced excessively long fermentation times. The most recent example is a Best Bitter which started at 1.049 and now, after 14 days in primary, is down only to 1.020 with consistent and rather rapid air lock activity for the...
  11. klnosaj

    How can I get the chalk to dissolve?

    I started paying attention to my brewing water and after a lot of ****-ups I finally realized I need to begin with RO water and build the profile from there. My beers are better than they've ever been. But I'm stuck with a question that I surmise has been asked ten thousand times before...
  12. klnosaj

    Active fermentation for a long time / Schneider Yeast

    I cultured some yeast from a Schneider Edel-Weiss bottle since that's my favorite wheat beer by far and away. The first time I fermented with it I got a beer that had no head, was clearer than anything I've ever made, and lacked body (recipe was a simple 2:1 wheat DME to pilsner DME with an SG...
  13. klnosaj

    They reached the top of the what?

    I laid out three strings, each measuring ~15', running from my gutters to where the hops are planted along the side of the house. I planted the rhizomes in late April and one of them has already made it to the top of the line and is now looking for room to grow on my roof. So what do I do?
  14. klnosaj

    Less-modified pils vs standard pilsner

    I'm interested in the less-modified pils malt that Briess is putting out. I usually use Weyerman's German pilsener but I'm always eager to experiment with different ingredients. Anybody have any notes of comparison between the less-modified and standard versions? What's it taste like and how...
  15. klnosaj

    Adding yeast at bottling a lager

    I have a lager that's been sitting around for a couple of months. In the past I added a bit of Nottingham yeast at bottling but it produces a sulfur smell that I find unappealing. I have several lager yeasts that I've washed and was going to use one of those this time. Can someone with...
  16. klnosaj

    effects of large swings in lagering temp?

    I've been pretty poor maintaining my lagering temps this past month. I lager by placing the carboy in a large cooler with a lid I created out of rigid foam insulation panels. I can keep the temp around 45F pretty easily (which has worked fine in the past, of course) but was trying this time to...
  17. klnosaj

    Residual CO2 and the proper amount of priming sugar to use

    I use the calculator at ( to calculate how much priming sugar to use. One of the inputs is "Beer Temperature" and the value I need to supply is described thus: "Upon completion of fermentation, a certain amount of CO2 remains in...
  18. klnosaj

    When to add the bitter orange peel?

    The back of the package says 15-20 minutes from the end of the boil. Beersmith says 5 minutes from end of boil. Dude at LHBS said at knock-out. Anyone with actual experience have any advice on this?
  19. klnosaj

    BeerSmith always gives me starting OG higher than seems possible

    I'm x-posting this from General Techniques. I figured maybe someone here could help me figure out why I'm consistently missing the OG BeerSmith predicts despite hitting correct pre-boil gravity and having the correct post-boil volume.
  20. klnosaj

    Blue glass carboy OK?

    I've seen a blue glass carboy, supposedly made in the 70's, on sale recently. Is there any way to tell if it can handle the stresses of being a primary fermenter?