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  1. Pumbaa

    Sour Dough

    was feeding my mother dough this morning and had a thought run through my head.... Why am I using cane sugar and not DME? Anyone got a good reason?
  2. Pumbaa

    Dat Gabbagool stuff

    Yup capicola, started it today and ordered the casings so they should be here in a few days, well b4 I need them. Thinking I gonna make a sweet style instead of the hot style. So far the hardest part is finding a competent butcher who can figure out wtf you want... After 3 stores and a meat...
  3. Pumbaa

    So I'm thinking Dried cured beef....

    Anyone ever give it a go? Along the lines of bresola or maybe smoked like cecina.....Think I'm going to start one tonight or tomorrow ....
  4. Pumbaa

    Beer and Pretzel caramels

    gave them a try and definetly worth passing along . . . . used my homebrew ESB when I made them. Ingredients 1/3 cup Imperial Sugar® / Dixie Crystals® Granulated Sugar 1/2 teaspoon salt 2 cups miniature pretzels...
  5. Pumbaa

    Dry cured ham

    anyone try it? I know the process of curing then smoking but havent given it a go myself yet and was wondering if anyone here has . . . may start one this week but kinda 2nd guessing potentially wasting a whole green ham for an experiment.
  6. Pumbaa

    Whiskey cured bacon?

    anyone every try? Just added Jameson to my normal dry cure rub for my bacon . . . I'll keep ya posted
  7. Pumbaa

    Punisher Fans?

  8. Pumbaa

    Dont let this be you

    Enjoy the 4th but dont be a dumb ass
  9. Pumbaa

    When playing with shovels (possibly graphic)

    wear shoes :mad: Fortunately I got me some Mickey Mouse and Muppets band aids :ban:
  10. Pumbaa

    Does anyone ferment their own . . .

    Pickles? No vinegar! Just lactic fermentation . . . Just curious started by first batch today (about 5lbs) and was wondering who else may be doing it.
  11. Pumbaa


  12. Pumbaa

    Blonde Chick Explains MPH

    Worth the 4:34 it takes to watch . . .
  13. Pumbaa

    the most sensual of all the salted cured meats

    It's Pastrami day. :ban: Just pulled my brisket from the brine and am letting it rinse for a bit b4 I add the rub, stay tuned for pictures . . .
  14. Pumbaa

    The bacon

    I mentioned it yesterday and finished it up last night about Midnight. Figured I should at least post picts of the end product . . . Started out as a skin on pork belly with ribs from the local Vietnamese grocery. Used a brown sugar and maple cure, cold smoked it for 12 hours with...
  15. Pumbaa

    Hey Meaty . . . .

  16. Pumbaa

    /face palm

    Sad Packer Fan - YouTube
  17. Pumbaa

    Banned Budwiser

    commercial that is . . . Bud Light Lime "In The Can",...Banned Commercial - YouTube
  18. Pumbaa

    Cheese wax

    In the middle of melting 3 batches of 6lbs of cheese wax and just want to pass things on along as I learn them so expect edits . . . 1. This shyte is sticky and the plastic has tons of static . . . tossing it into the freezer for a bit helps you get the plastic off 2. Frozen wax is hard as...
  19. Pumbaa

    The annual be nice to newbies thread

    Did I miss it?
  20. Pumbaa

    GDI My Red

    hasnt had a pint pulled off it for a while (due to how fnatastic my cider is) and is now over carbed >.< Now I have to wait for the fawking foam to get a taste >.< I blame ABG, GD flat foot