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    Pectin during fermentation?

    Can I add pectin enzyme during fermentation to clear my pineapple cider? Also will I still be able to get natural carbonation when I backsweeten after using pectin enzyme or will all my yeast sink to the bottom also?
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    Clarifying hard seltzer

    How to clarify hard seltzer without killing the yeast? I want to bottle carbonate it.
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    How much hop time?

    Hey y'all. I'm working on a hopped cider. I am using near 3 gallons of cider @ 11.2 percent. I have had it aging for a month now. I am currently dry hopping it with 2 oz of Amarillo hops and am on day 9. Also I will at bottling time add about 2 gallons of juice to back sweeten to about 7.5...
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    Is 10% a good abv to begin bulk aging

    My cider is.about finished in primary at 10.1%abv. How long would be good to age it in my carboy for?
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    When to use wine tannin?

    What stage of fermentation is best too add wine tannin to my cider. It will be around 11%ABV (high and dry) then I plan too age for about two months. But I will also want to back sweeten then bottle and pasteurize after aging.
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    When to add malic acid

    How long before bottling should I add malic acid to my cider or when is it to late? I plan to bottle in 4 days. I have started with 3 gallons of honey crisp cider and added 3 pounds of dextros. Fermented for 2 weeks. All the sugar was eaten. I'm sitting at 11.2 percent. I will add a half gallon...
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    Malic acid and tannin amount

    Hey y'all. Looking for some advice on a pretty flat and lame cider. Was told I could use malic acid and wine tannin to help.. I used 3 gallons of pasteurized honeycrisp cider. I added 3lbs of dextrose and fermented all the sugar resulting in a high and dry cider at 11.2% abv. Its been bulk aging...
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    Swing tops

    Can I pasteurize in grolsch swing top bottles?
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    Strong cider need to lighten up.

    Hey y'all. I made a pretty strong cider. I used 3 gallons of Ryan's pasteurized honeycrisp cider. 5grams of safcider ab-1 rehydrated and approximately 3lbs of dextros. Original hydrometer reading was suggesting a 11.2% abv. Sp. Gravity 1.08 After 2 weeks of fermenting at 67 degrees Fahrenheit I...