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  1. joshesmusica

    condensate stack ideas needed

    I don't do too many DIY projects, mainly because I just rent things and my brew set up is fairly simple. It works beautifully in the warmer months with my 36L biab equipment. The problem is that in the cold months I've got to move inside into my tiny little apartment. The induction stove top...
  2. joshesmusica

    Need help interpreting test mash numbers

    Ok I did two test mashes this evening. In each one, I had 200g pilsner malt, 2L tap water, and added .5ml of 80% lactic acid - I tried to hold the temp consistent at 64C. This was typed into the Bru'n water spreadsheet, along with the averages from my city's water, and it said I should be...
  3. joshesmusica

    Checking my water

    My new Milwaukee 102 should be arriving on Thursday. I plan on brewing on Friday. I'd like to check to see that the information I've input into the Bru'n water spreadsheet is fairly accurate. I've found reports online for my area, but don't really know how reliable they are, 1) because I'm only...
  4. joshesmusica

    Need help on pH meter decision please.

    I'm thinking about getting a pH meter as I've been (probably stupidly) adjusting water blindly up until now. Here is basically the only one I can get in my area. Is it worth the money (about $325 usd after a discount I get)...
  5. joshesmusica

    Anybody use HBC 429???

    If you have, what's your experience with it as far as flavor and aroma?
  6. joshesmusica

    Bru'n Water name adjustment

    Somehow when I sent the minimum donation in order to get the newest version of the spreadsheet, it was miscommunicated (or possibly not received) that my full name was Joshua Smith, but that I wanted the brewery name to be Rusty-Smith Craft Brews. It now reads Joshua Smith Brewery at the top of...
  7. joshesmusica

    Witbier White Angel - A Hoppy Witbier

    Ingredients: ------------ Amt Name Type # %/IBU 3.20 kg Pilsen (BestMalz) (3.0 EBC) Grain 1 44.4 % 3.20 kg Wheat Malt, Ger (3.9 EBC) Grain...
  8. joshesmusica

    Going for a Pale Ale, just checking the water additions

    Ok guys, this time I'm going to attempt to do some additions to a pale ale. That's one style that has been consistently good with my tap water, but I'm ready to try to make it great. I'll be doing a full-volume mash, biab. Attached will be screen shots from the Bru'n water spreadsheet, and links...
  9. joshesmusica

    Bittering addition for bohemian Pilsner

    I am wanting to make a pretty traditional bo pils, but still want it to not be overly expensive. It's my first attempt at a lager, so I'm buying enough yeast to pitch the proper amount. So then if I wanted to have only saaz hops in there, I would basically have to buy another 100g pack. Is...
  10. joshesmusica

    Brewing water for a Bohemian Pilsner

    Attached is what I've typed in according to instructions from a thread about my water report from a long time ago. I was told it's basically RO water. First question, does it look right? Second question: I'm planning on brewing a Bohemian Pilsner this weekend. I normally add acid malt when...
  11. joshesmusica

    Sourdough yeast for fermenting with?

    I feel like I'm reading or hearing more and more of people making sours this way. Anybody experimenting with this that can give any advice/tips they've learned along the way? Does it produce a pretty good sour?
  12. joshesmusica

    Do you experiment?

    If so, what kind of things are you experimenting with? I hope it goes without saying this is a topic about beer, not any other kinds of home experiments you might be in to.
  13. joshesmusica

    Vienna Malt Pale Ale

    Anybody make a pale ale with Vienna as the main base malt?
  14. joshesmusica

    Inkbird Itc-308 Review

    First time giving a product review, so I'm not sure if this is in the right place. Inkbird recently gave us an offer on here (probably on other sites as well) for 75% off of the ITC-308 temperature controller in exchange for an honest review. I jumped at the chance, as it was significantly...
  15. joshesmusica

    Favorite pairings with Motueka

    As the title states, what's your favorite pairing with Motueka? I just used it for the first time. It's a black IPA, really probably more like a hoppy dark ale, as it's not as bitter or as dry as it should be. But I'm loving the aroma for this hop! It's combined with cascade this time. Pretty...
  16. joshesmusica

    Random question about the forum

    Why do we not have the ability to delete our own posts? For example, maybe we regret commenting on a funny thread that's not funny anymore (arguably never was, I know), but don't want it showing up in "my replies" anymore. Or maybe we had a bout with foot-in-mouth syndrome, and want to just...
  17. joshesmusica

    I think I'll actually do an IBU test!

    After reading about the 658 IBU IPA from DFH, I just feel like I'm convinced to see if there is a difference between, say, 120 IBUs, and 500. So I figured I could just try it. It will be nothing like brulosophy stuff, it will just be me and some friends giving it a go. But, I figure, what the...
  18. joshesmusica

    An "About" or "History" section?

    The other day I decided to figure out what the hell EAC means. Pretty funny story, wish I would've been there. The funniest part about the search is that I found out what it means by coming across another forum that some guys who got kicked off of here went and started. It was great. Rife with...
  19. joshesmusica

    Can someone explain October on HBT?

    I haven't really been round these parts for too long, and all, but WTF? Is October really some secretive trolltober fest month here on HBT? What's up with all these suspicious new troll members?
  20. joshesmusica

    Ferment Temps vs. Ambient Temps

    I have this crazy yeast that I've talked about a lot. Its original owners ferment their farmhouse beers at around 40C/104F with it. I have a christmas brown ale fermenting with this yeast right now, but I only wanted it to give off a little of its typical characteristics, so I decided to ferment...