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  1. aspiffymofo

    Corny Keg Corny 5G Cooler Giveaway

    To bbq's of course!
  2. aspiffymofo

    Delta Brewing Systems 14 Gallon FermTank Giveaway!

    Awesome giveaway! Count me in!
  3. aspiffymofo

    Too soon to rack?

    I don't know what everyones thoughts on this are, but do you need to rack off the lees before adding secondary ingredients? My thoughts are that you lose a little volume with each racking, and with smaller batches 5G and less, that can make a difference in the amount of final product you get.
  4. aspiffymofo

    electric brewing?

    What you are describing sounds like a HERMS system, from the heat exchange coil you talked about. I have never heard of anyone scorching their wort using a HERMS type... Now a RIMS tube is another story... I still batch sparge and have an electric kettle, so I might not know what I'm...
  5. aspiffymofo

    When is wine adequately degassed?

    I usually taste a little sample, if I don't detect any carbonation then it's done. If you're planning on bulk aging then don't worry about it. The small amount of CO2 left will come out in a couple months.
  6. aspiffymofo

    Oregon Portland, OR - Ball lock kegs $25 ea

    Thought I'd pass this along.. Just picked up four for myself. Brew Dr kombucha is upgrading their kegs and has several hundred ball locks they're getting rid of. $25ea Or $20ea for 10+ They are located at 4245 SE Milwaukie Ave. Portland, OR 97202. Their pickup hours are 9 - 3...
  7. aspiffymofo

    Low mash temp add maltodextrin?

    I've added maltodextrin post fermentation with good results. I would wait until you hit your final gravity before making that adjustment. It's non-fermentable, so you can add it at any time, even at bottling. Also, I noticed some off flavors when I used more than 4oz/5gal. If it's your first...
  8. aspiffymofo

    LHBS Manager Here...What Do You Want From The LHBS?

    My old LHBS would sell 50lb sacks of base malt (2-row, marris otter) at the bulk ~1/2 the per lb price, and keep it there for you on an account as part of their rotating stock. The customer got the benefit of buying in bulk without having to store it or own their own mill, and the shop was...
  9. aspiffymofo

    Whats this tool called?

    3 way C-Clamp Edit: Or 3 way face clamp
  10. aspiffymofo

    Need help stabilizing chest freezer temperature

    There isn't a lot of thermal mass to buffer that heater in your ferm chamber. It will be better once you put a full 5 gallons in there. 200W might be high for a heater (I think I'm using a heater mat that's less than 50W. You could also try the lightbulb in a coffee can trick for a heater...
  11. aspiffymofo

    Loose lid and time in primary

    Downside to racking after 5 days is that if fermentation hasn't stopped, there is going to be a lot of stuff in suspension. Wait for it to drop out. They say the yeast continue to 'clean up' the beer after fermentation has ended. It takes a long time(months) for the yeast to break down and...
  12. aspiffymofo

    Cleaning draft lines with a chugger/march pump and line cleaner

    Nope, other than it might be a waste of line cleaner. I use a smaller container to pump out of/ in to.
  13. aspiffymofo

    Most critical steps to produce the best tasting all grain beer?

    Mash temp for sure, then pitching rate. But most of all... RDWHAHB. I've messed up so many of my early beers by messing with them too much.. Adding hot/cold water to the mash because I was off a few degrees, and racking too many times. Now I don't worry about it. Beersmith gets me close...
  14. aspiffymofo

    Cooler Mashtun Build - Need advice

    I batch sparge myself, but this might be useful: Keep going a few pages, there's some good info on even flow and channeling.
  15. aspiffymofo

    Beer gun vs tap

    I just filled a growler with a piece of vinyl tubing stretched over the tap. You might have to stretch one end to get it on there. It works fine for occasional use.
  16. aspiffymofo

    Wort Chilling on a (WATER) Budget

    (212°F*10gal + 64°F*55gal ) / 65gal = 87°F equilibrium temp. for a 10gal boil (212°F*5gal + 64°F*55gal ) / 60gal = 76°F for a 5g boil. So (assuming a closed system) with only the 55gal reservoir, you might not be able to reach pitching temps depending on the size of your boil. You might be...
  17. aspiffymofo

    240v Plug in Keggle without control panel.

    Boiling things with electricity without ground fault protection is probably not a good idea. Make sure you get a GFCI breaker or spa panel for your 240 outlet. But +1 For the simple SSR and a pwm(manual control knob)
  18. aspiffymofo

    wine bladders

    Just searched for "homebrew wine bag" there's probably more, but that's the first one that I found that was based in the US