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  1. niquejim

    Florida homebrewers

    I've already posted this on the Florida forum, but I want to reach as many people as possible. There was a law introduced Monday in the Florida legislature that will hurt craft brewing and discourage any homebrewer from opening their own shop or expanding ones already in existance...
  2. niquejim

    Florida craft brew fans, help needed

    If you live in Florida and want to see the state grow in craft breweries, then call your Congressman and tell them to vote down this legislation Urgent Call to Action: In 2012, Rep. Ray Rodrigues (R- Bonita Springs, Fort Myers Beach, Sanibel), campaigned to go to Tallahassee to reduce...
  3. niquejim

    Advice to new brewers

    I really wish that someone would have told me this 7 years ago when I started instead of having to find it out on my own The best advice I can give to any new brewer is to brew 1 good beer well repeatedly before you try to brew 100 "fancy" beers. If you can't do one well why should you make...
  4. niquejim


    A 15 seed is going to the sweet sixteen for the first time ever..FGCU...FGCU...FGCU
  5. niquejim

    to any Costco member

    Costco is doing a story on homebrewing and would like feedback from homebrewing members
  6. niquejim

    Made it into the paper for homebrewing

    They were going to come out and take some photos of me brewing last Friday but didn't call me until 2:30pm, I'm done brewing for the day by that time(especially when it's been 90 degrees out)
  7. niquejim

    The old saying was always "Live hard, die young" (RIP Whitney Houston)

    RIP whitney Houston. I always thought Bobby would go first
  8. niquejim


    Caught my foot on the hose attached to my immersion chiller...result...2nd degree burns covering both feet and 5 gallons of Belgian SGA poured out on the ground:mad:
  9. niquejim

    Thought for tody

    John was in the fertilized egg business. He had several hundred young layers (hens), Called 'pullets He kept records, and any rooster not performing Went into the soup pot and was replaced. This took a lot of time, so he bought some Tiny bells and attached them to his roosters. Each bell...
  10. niquejim

    29 years

    It's been 29 years since we lost the first Beatle I still miss your music John
  11. niquejim

    New years eve menu and pairings

    For NYE I'm doing a tasting menu paired with beer and wine for each course. My FIL is taking care of the wine, so I just wanted to get some feedback on my choices for the beers. These guests will not be beer geeks like myself The menu is First: Tuna sashimi with daikon radish, cucumber...
  12. niquejim

    A-B to make a Rye IPA How do you think they'll screw this one up?
  13. niquejim

    Maggots= livestock

    According to some British garbage men Binmen refused to empty recycling box containing a maggot 'because it is livestock' | Mail Online I've seen some good garbage stories out of England before, but this one tops them all.
  14. niquejim

    Something that got my daughter interested in going back to school

    Executive Chef, Jethro Joseph at the 4 star Tarpon Lodge Pine Island Florida Vacation Accommodations - Tarpon Lodge and Restaurant will be the Culinary Arts teacher for my daughter's eighth grade class. How cool is that. I may have to volunteer to help out in that class.
  15. niquejim

    Bud Select "55"

    Someone brought some (and left some ) of this to my party Sat. They should not be allowed to call this beer. 55 calories of colored water. There is no body, no flavor,,,no anything I'm sure it will be a big hit:confused::mad:
  16. niquejim

    Birthday Toast

    This Saturday is a 50th birthday party for me and my best friend(he's the 14th, I'm the 16th), and since I never thought I would make it this far( my father died at 46), I would like everyone to to raise a toast at 8pm eastern in a huge HBT toast. For more reason, It's also the 71st...
  17. niquejim

    Two of the strangest new items

    I thought this was bad Nothing To See Here: We Have No Comment About This Exercise Device until I saw this Man's best friend gets sex doll | World News |
  18. niquejim

    OMG... Darth Kitty

  19. niquejim

    Schrödinger’s cat ‘most definitely dead’

    NewsBiscuit » News In Brief » Schrödinger’s cat ‘most definitely dead’ The international scientific community has finally reached a consensus as to the quantum state of Schrödinger’s cat, the subject of the famous paradoxical thought experiment postulated by Austrian...
  20. niquejim

    Obama nominates Mr. Potato Head

    Obama Nominates Mr. Potato Head In another historic move, President Obama has announced that Mr. Potato Head is his nominee for the nation’s highest court. Judge Head would be the first Potato-American to serve on the court and only the third Justice in history with removable facial features.