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  1. kal

    WANTED: A nice home brewery in LA for shooting a commercial

    Hi everyone, Want to see your home brewery in a commercial? If you have a nice brew room *and* are located in the Los Angeles California area, please email pictures and contact information to me at [email protected] I was recently contacted by a production manager from LA who is...
  2. kal

    Quietest high end kegerator?

    I'm in the market for a 2-tap free standing kegerator and have been running in circles trying to find information on which high end kegerators are known to be QUIET. This unit is going in a sun room we're having built that's all windows/tile/aluminum trim and my wife wants to listen to...
  3. kal

    Maytag MQC1552TEW replacement (Whirlpool EH151FXTQ/WZC3115DW or Amana AZC31T15DW)?

    My 8-keg keezer died. ;( The 10-keg Maytag MQC1552TEW (14.8 cu ft) would work great and give me a couple of spare spots but it seems discontinued (Whirlpool bought Maytag in 2006). My research leads me think that all these models are identical replacements: • Whirlpool EH151FXTQ (also...
  4. kal

    Lactic acid in mash not affecting pH of my Belgian Wit? huh?

    This one's a head scratcher, but then I've never professed to be a chemistry expert: ;) I'm brewing a Belgian Wit today (recipe from Jamil's Brewing Classic Styles, online here) with the following grist: 46.2% Organic Pils (Weyermann) 42.1% Flaked Wheat [unmalted] (G&P) 9.5% Flaked Oat (G&P)...
  5. kal

    Strange Guinness nitro tap - anyone seen one like this?

    I came across this faucet picture: It looks really odd. There's a shorter black/silver thing on the bottom attached to what looks like a regular stout faucet at the top, but it doesn't seem to have the standard 1-1/8"-18 Thread (U.S. Beer Industry Standard) that is used to attach to a...
  6. kal

    Less kegs dispensed with 30/70 beer gas as compared to straight CO2?

    Hi everyone, Assuming all things are equal and kegs that are pre-carbed, will someone be able to dispense more kegs with a tank of 100% CO2 as compared to using a tank of 30/70 beer gas (CO2/Nitro mix)? I could have sworn people here mentioning that their 30/70 beer gas tanks are not...
  7. kal

    All New Zealand hop IPA - how's this sound?

    Hi everyone, I recently picked up a bunch of New Zealand hops which are all new to me (never used them before): - NZ Galaxy: Tropical, well rounded, not quite as in-your-face as Citra. - NZ Kohatu: Intense floral characters of pine needles and tropical fruit. - NZ Motueka: Lemon, lime...
  8. kal

    US-05 (dry) vs WY1056 (liquid) - My tests/results

    Hi everyone, Safale US-05 dry yeast is my go to yeast for blonde ales, all american style pale ales (APAs), IPAs (AIPAs), as well as anything else that requires a clean fermentation. It's a yeast I know well and I use it a lot. I like the convenience of this dry yeast as it keeps for...
  9. kal

    Step by step of my brewday: Doing a massive hop stand

    [I was posting this in a different thread but to avoid derailing I thought it would be better on its own] Hi everyone, Some say that you get the best hop flavour and aroma (as well as some added bitterness) doing a "hop stand" where you add hops at flameout and then let it sit for 60-90...
  10. kal

    How much hops if only hopping during flameout (hop stand)?

    Hi guys! Some say that you get the best hop flavour and aroma (as well as some added bitterness) doing a "hop stand" where you add hops at flameout and then let it sit for 60-90 minutes. So I'd like to try and take this experiment to the extreme: Push the aroma and flavour as far as possible...
  11. kal

    Looking for homebrewer: David Dukarski from Frankenmuth MI

    I need to get in touch with a homebrewer by the name David Dukarski out of Frankenmuth MI. Does anyone know where to locate him? The email I have is going unanswered so it may no longer be correct. Thanks! Kal
  12. kal

    Fermenting W-34/70 lager yeast at 63F? (higher than normal). Or stick with US-05?

    I'm currently mashing a beer that's intended to a light summer drinker (100% organic pils / Hallertau hops, around 5% ABV, 3 SRM). I want it to be a clean tasting beer, not much yeast derived flavours, minimal esters. Normally I'd chill the wort to about 50F and then ferment at 50-53F with...
  13. kal

    Keggle owners: What size is your opening on top?

    Hi guys, I'm in the process of designing something new and want to make sure it'll work for most keggle owners, so I have question: What's the diameter of the hole you cut in the top of your keggle? Thanks! Kal P.S. I'm an equal opportunity employer and will take measurements in...
  14. kal

    Recommended modern urinals & flushers?

    We're going to be putting a modern looking urinal and wall flush button or automatic flusher in our basement bathroom. Our requirements: - Modern looking, on wall. - Wall button preferred, and then automatic sensor (don't really need automatic). I don't want a stack with a lever sticking...
  15. kal

    How to label faucets when you have 8 beers on tap?

    Hi everyone! OLD BAR: In my previous bar I had 4 taps and show what's available like this: With "only" 4 taps it works well. It's fairly obvious to someone which tap is for which beer but people still sometimes had problems figuring this out. NEW BAR: In my new bar I'm...
  16. kal

    Building permits for a dedicated brewing room - hints?

    Hi everyone! I'm close to starting construction on finishing my basement that (among other things) will include a dedicated brewing room. We will be paying/pulling permits on all the work done. I'm am looking for hints from anyone who's gone through the process of registering and permitting...
  17. kal

    LOOKING FOR: Ventmatic forwarding sealing SS faucets (up to 4)

    Hi guys, I'm looking for Ventmatic forward sealing Stainless Steel faucets with removeable nozzle. MARCH 27 EDIT: 3 TAPS HAVE BEEN BOUGHT (THANKS 'BREWTIME')! I COULD USE ONE OR TWO MORE IF ANYONE'S OFFERING. THANKS! These are older discontinued faucets. These are basically like...
  18. kal

    Add "LOOKING FOR" thread prefix to classifieds forum

    The classifies forum has the following description: "Post your home brewing items for sale here or products you want to buy." However, when you start a thread you must pick from the thread prefixes "FOR SALE" or "SOLD". There is no "LOOKING FOR" option. Is this an oversight? Kal
  19. kal

    Show me pics of your dedicated brewing rooms!

    Hi guys! Please post pictures of your finished dedicated brewing rooms! There's lots of brew room build threads here but unless I've missed it, I haven't seen a 'showoff' type thread where everyone with a dedicated brewing room just posts their final pics. I'm looking for...
  20. kal

    The Electric IPA

    One of my favourite beers styles is an American IPA with lots of citrusy/piney/fruity/resiny hop flavour. I've been playing around for some time with various hop combinations trying to hone in on one combination that I can call my house "Electric IPA" the same way I have my house "Electric...