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  1. juggabrew

    Colorado Price update: 3k // 15 gallon electric herms w/ upgrades

    Sorry packed and shipped it to Boston with me. Will have to sell it there
  2. juggabrew

    Colorado Price update: 3k // 15 gallon electric herms w/ upgrades

    yes these are the V3 kettles With the standard lid. I do not have the condenser
  3. juggabrew


    Has anyone gone for a 3V eherms to the AF? I have a 15gal spike trio and want to sell and downsize due to moving to Boston and family time. any major changes in quality of beer or regrets downsizing...?
  4. juggabrew

    Colorado Price update: 3k // 15 gallon electric herms w/ upgrades

    Denver, CO Complete 15 gallon electric herms with pump and panel upgrades includes: -1 Grounded brewing technology 30a control panel -1 Spike 15 gal HLT w/ 50’ SS herms coil and 5500 watt ripple element LWD -1 Spike 15 gal Mash tun w/ ss false bottom and recirc ports. -1 Spike 15 gal kettle...
  5. juggabrew

    Higher active boil gravity

    Has anyone experienced a higher gravity reading while actively boiling? I checked my gravity 60min into a 90min boil; it was at 1.051 so I cut my boil short. When the wort was cooled and transferring i measured a 1.047 reading? Please refractometer is calibrated and reads...
  6. juggabrew

    Spike Complete System

    Honestly, I was a little down and thought about selling and downgrading. also because we’re moving to Boston in the near future. But this has re kindled the love And I’ll adjust accordingly. Thanks for the help Bohern.
  7. juggabrew

    Spike Complete System

    Holly cannoli...1.045! with 10.75gal into BK (I checked three times with refrac) Added two pints of HLT water to BK and now at 1.043. Haha this system finally worked for me. now I need to figure how to not boil off too much. Est post boil should be 1.045 and this is a kolsch
  8. juggabrew

    Spike Complete System

    Just marked my spots. flow going steady to BK at the 35min mark. HLT is closed and now draining mash. Est. pre boil is 1.036
  9. juggabrew

    Spike Complete System

    Do you know how many turns you set the flow control to for sparging? for instance, my flow control valve is at the closed position when the clip is at the bottom...half turn is pointing up
  10. juggabrew

    Spike Complete System

    Is it the recoverable dead space? BS has the default as 0.32 gal for the 15 gal system. If that’s the case then I don’t need to top off my mash tun
  11. juggabrew

    Spike Complete System

    I’ll have to look and see if anyone is selling a used one On the market. For now I’ll go another few batches to see if I can nail down a routine. Although I’m inly brewing every two months now that we have a 1 yr old. as far as water to add to mash. do you account for the herms coil? BS...
  12. juggabrew

    Spike Complete System

    Been a while since someone posted in this thread which is crazy. Hopefully you guys haven’t given up on your spikes. does anyone use a blichmann sparge arm with their spike system? I have a 15 gallon system but only brew 6 gallon batches. Not sure if the lower mash volume would render the arm...
  13. juggabrew

    full volume mash with herms

    thought I would post here since essentially I want to try a version of BIAB. I have a 15 gallon spike herms. I want to do full volume mashing and would like to know if anyone does this?
  14. juggabrew

    ☕ Coffee ☕: Ingredients, Roasting, Grinding, Brewing, and Tasting

    Looking for a really good coffee review site. Let me know your favs
  15. juggabrew

    Closed Transfer issues @ low pressure

    I gravity drain into liquid out post from my big mouth bubbler with no pressure and I don’t have a problem unless there’s a bunch of hops still in suspension. This will clog the poppet. As stated earlier you need to pull the relief valve to allow liquid to flow. TBC, I think we’re all assuming...
  16. juggabrew

    WTB 10 gal corny keg

    I’m in the same boat as you. Can’t fit the fancy new fermentors in my chest freezer either(5cuft). I randomly jumped on FB market and a local Denver business was selling two of them used but in mint condition for $250 each. I got it for $220. I always have to have a blow off and other...
  17. juggabrew

    First attempt at fermenting in Corny Keg - utter fail

    You sure you didn’t hook up the blow off to the liquid out? I did this once and found my 3 gallon batch in the bottom of my chest freezer. Not all is should still have 2 gallons of beer so don’t be too hard on yourself. I loved fermenting in my cornies and recently just found a 10...