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    Grassy profile

    I’m looking to brew an IPA that has the characteristics of some of my favorite, older beers- Todd The Axe Man from Surly & Arctic Panzer Wolf from 3Floyds. I’ve recently found it in Parish’s Nova Vert .. It’s a dank, grassy, very pleasant taste in some big beers. These beers don’t use any crazy...
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    NB Nelson Hops

    First off, NB has great customer service as always. They’ve already worked on fixing the issue. Just a heads up though, I ordered Nelson hops through them and it didn’t come in the usual NB packaging. Came from BSG - they were old stale smelling, no pungent fruit aroma- just a dead grass smell...
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    Water report Dania Beach, FL ..

    I'm trying to learn about water chemistry. Moving to our new house on Monday, hoping to brew next weekend. Can you help me in reading this, and tell me how the water in the city is. What I would need to add or get rid of. Looking to make our hops 'pop' more like west coast IPAs. Right now using...
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    Lots of head, flat beer - First force Carbonation..

    Pumped the beer on 30psi and shook it. Bled it out a little after 12 hours, then bled it again with no beer spilling out. Hooked up the picnic tap, opened it up and foam came shooting out with a little bit of beer on the bottom as it settled. The beer itself had no bubbles, but a ton of head...