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  1. Melana

    Martha Flogging Insurance

    Friends with homeowners insurance policies take a close look at your bill when it comes in. My policy went up 12.5% and I never filed a claim! Thanks Arbella Insurance GFY!
  2. Melana

    What should WE cook for dinner???

    Does anyone have any ideas on what I should cook for dinner? Every day I am at a loss for what to throw together for BigJohn, our daughter (6.5), my dad, and I for supper. This cooking thing after a long day of work is fine... BUT... coming up with a new exciting idea every single day is a...
  3. Melana

    Yet another reason to keep drinking that beer!

    Increased Stamina, Healthier Heart Van Kirk also reviewed a study conducted by Italian researchers at Fondazione di Ricerca e Cura that suggests that daily beer drinkers have more stamina than non-drinkers. The study found that one pint a day makes you 31% less likely to have heart disease...
  4. Melana

    Does anyone carve pumpkins?

    Its that time of year. It is also my favorite season and pumpkins are my thing. Show me your creations.
  5. Melana

    Cured Egg Yolks

    Has anyone tried it? I just read the following article and it's tempting to try... Sometimes being a food fanatic and having a keen interest in all things food related is a curse. Love it or hate it...
  6. Melana

    Free the Nipples in New Hampshire

    Shame her trial is in December... Think of the support! The protests!
  7. Melana

    Unique things to do with your corpse after you die...

    Who knew you could will your remains in such interesting ways.
  8. Melana

    Turkey Leftovers....

    So, in my household it's turkey time (basically the month of November) and I'm stuck with a few pounds of leftover turkey to get rid of. Does anyone have some recipes that they would like to share with me? My creativity is lacking these days.
  9. Melana

    Epic Failure - What food did I ruin this weekend???

    I love to cook. In my quest to try many new recipes and techniques I've learned quite a bit. Ninety percent of my cooking involves no recipes or I use a recipe as a guideline - tweaking as I go. I have canned food, made jellies and jams, cured meats into delicious bacon, made pasta and...
  10. Melana

    Making new friends

    Last night this weary traveler had the wonderful opportunity to meet two guys (complete with SWMBO's). Was nice to raise a few pints with new friends in an unfamiliar city. Thank you Headbanger and Cheezydemon for making a girl feel welcome and taking time out of your lives to meet lil ole me...
  11. Melana

    Chocolate cake

    For those of you that know me a little you might be aware that I can't stand chocolate. My taste buds despise the substance. With that out of the way.... My cousin is coming east from Pittsburgh and its her husbands birthday. His favorite cake is chocolate and somehow I got signed up to...
  12. Melana

    Beer candied bacon

    Has anyone seen this recipe? Beer. Bacon. Candy.
  13. Melana

    Hug your kids a bit closer tonight

    About 1pm this afternoon the woman that works with us got the horrific news that her daughter died at school. She was on the phone with the paramedics when they decided the girl had passed. The sorrowful sound she made upon hearing the news will haunt me tonight. Our company pooled together...
  14. Melana

    Sourdough options

    For those of us with more than one yeast obsession... What to do with all of that extra starter? Try these ideas:
  15. Melana

    60 Year Old Honey

    So, in the process of cleaning out my grandmothers house I was able to get my hands on 2 Gallons of 60 year old honey. Any suggestions on what type of mead I should make out of it? I'm a bit new (not a virgin) with making meads and I want something that will highlight this very dark honey.
  16. Melana

    Horrible crime/tragedy

    A very kind gentleman that I work with had his horse mutilated on Friday night. He was too emotional to even be seen on camera for the interview.
  17. Melana

    Bulk hops....

    So, I decided that I'm brewing enough to warrant buying bulk hops... And purchased a few pounds from a few different sources. The first source shorted me almost 4 oz from the two pounds I bought. Is this typical hops vendor etiquette?
  18. Melana

    What did I cook this weekend.....

    Apple pie.....
  19. Melana

    Help identify this apple.

    Hi, Can someone help me identify this apple? I'm not good at apple varieties. Yoop? Thoughts?
  20. Melana

    New to kegging... advice please

    Morning, After my return to brewing this weekend from a four year hiatus (she is so worth the time away from brewing) I really don't wish to return to bottling! About five years ago BigJohn and I purchased a skid of corny kegs (I think we have a dozen or so) and I am looking for advice and...