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    Closed Transfer to Keg Equipment Setup

    For those that keg their beer using closed transfers, what is your equipment setup?
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    Pellicle on Cider During Secondary

    I fermented a cider that dropped clear after 2 months or so. I racked to secondary (did not purge) because I wanted to follow the recipe (which in hindsight I regret). After sitting in secondary for another 2 months (again, following recipe), what seems to be a pellicle is forming on the top of...
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    Ale Fermentation Temperature Schedule

    So I have a 1.060 OG brown ale fermenting with Omega Yeast DIPA (“Conan”). I fermented at 65 F in the keg with a blowoff tube and when CO2 activity slowed at day 3-4, I sealed the keg to naturally carbonate. Around day 5 I let the temp increase to 72 for a diacetyl rest. I’ve read that cold...
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    Cascade Aroma - Botanical, Woody and Pine-Sol

    I have some quite stale Cascade hops that have an aroma I find quite unpleasant. It coincidentally tastes overwhelming like an IPA I purchased recently which I ended up pouring down the drain. Both smelled botanical, woody, and pine-sol like. Not pleasant walk through the woods, more like...
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    Plastic Kegs for Homebrew

    Has anyone used a plastic keg (like pertainer) for homebrew? With the popularity of plastic fermenters, even those that can take pressure, has anyone used these as a serving keg for weight/cost purposes? 20 liter petainerKeg Hybrid |
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    Amazon - Anything

    Any good deals on Amazon for homebrew stuff? Got a gift card.
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    ELI5: Why can’t other yeasts be dried like kveik?

    Request for someone to explain why other yeasts can’t be dried in the oven/dehydrator at home like kveik can. What I’ve read is kveik is used to it and other yeasts aren’t. Can anyone elaborate on why?
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    Oat Protein Separation

    That’s not hops. That is the separation between the clear wort and the oat protein. The grist is 22% flaked oats 78% two row. Anybody ever seen something like this?
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    Aeration Compensate for Low Pitch Rate

    Today I pitched about half a packet of rehydrated S-05 into my kettle soured wort, which had been aerated with an aquarium pump for 10 minutes or so. I am concerned I underpitched, especially in context of a low pH wort. I’m wondering if the aeration can compensate for the low pitch rate.
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    Corn Grits Use (other than Cream Ale or Adj Lager)

    Got some corn grits I was considering brewing with but seems like only recipes including this are cream ales or adjunct lagers, which are pretty low on my list of favorites. What other styles could this be used for?
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    Black is Beautiful Stout

    Is anyone brewing the Black is Beautiful imperial stout? If you aren’t aware, many breweries are teaming up across the USA to all brew this beer and donate profits to a worthy cause. The recipe has been shared and version scaled to homebrew 5 gallon size. Check out the link below for more...
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    Aeration Stone Causes Foaming

    I have an aquarium pump and aeration stone that I’ve tried to use to aerate wort for a few batches and after a minute or so the foaming is so excessive I have to turn it off or foam will overflow. Has anyone else run into this issue? Am I doing something wrong?
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    American Style Brown Ale Recipe Suggestion

    As a recovering IPA drinker, I’m trying to branch out and brew different styles. I had a American style brown ale while at GABF in 2019 (it won Bronze in 2018 Wallops Island by Rocket Frog Brewing) and I’ve been unable to find a local replacement. I recall it had a very subtle coffee/roast...
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    Brewing Taste Calculator

    I know there are many individual brewing calculators for color, bitterness, alcohol but is there a holistic taste calculator? Specifically, contribution of malt, roast of malt, and late hops. It would be nice for BeerSmith or other to give you a sense of how malty, roasty, hoppy your beer will be.
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    Uninspiring IPAs

    So in my two year brewing journey I’ve attempted to make IPAs my favorite style more than any other. My beer before last, a porter, won a gold medal at the latest homebrew festival in town but my most recent IPA which I fermented in the keg to minimize oxygen exposure tastes like, well, nothing...
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    Dream: Delicious Belgian Dark Beer

    In my dream last night I had this incredible dark Belgian beer. The Belgian fruitiness and spice were delicate notes that added to the complexity of a balanced and downright satisfying beer. Dream me was sure it had Special B in it. Real me has never tasted or attempted to brew any such beer...
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    Diptube Mesh Screen - Dry Hopped - Pouring Slow

    So I fermented and dry hopped an IPA in my corny keg to prevent oxidation and keep the aromas intact. To keep the dip tube from clogging, I placed a 400 micron mesh screen around the diptube that runs its entire length. The first pour was very cloudy, I presume mostly yeast. My subsequent pours...
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    Belgian Dubbel Trippel - Amylase v. Candi Sugar

    Hi all, I did some forum searching before I posted this just to see. Has anyone tried using amylase enzyme to lower gravity for a Belgian dubbel or trippel in lieu of candi sugar?