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  1. sddingman

    Friut juice wine maths

    OK fellow vinonauts..... Input please: I am considering making a black cherry wine from 100% organic juice. I have a 32 oz container of juice, 33g/sugar per serving so probably don't need starter. Making a 1 gallon batch total was thinking about 2.5 lbs sugar, my favorite cuvee yeast and water...
  2. sddingman

    Hi Everyone

    Glad I found this forum! I am a chemist by training, and a wine drinker by choice. Haven't been in the lab for a while and the homemade bug got me. A few years ago started making my own Lemoncello after a trip to Italy, and on batch 4. I think I make a great digestif, but I am biased. Just...
  3. sddingman

    Rhubarb wine!

    Hi all, long time wine consumer, first time wine maker. I was always curious about homemade rhubarb wine and I found a great book on 1 gal wine batches. I am trained as a chemist, and did some home beer brewing a while back, so I thought, this is easy. Followed the recipe (3.5 qts chopped...