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    Watlow DIN-A-MITE SSRs -use with Auber PID or BCS?

    these two items are compatible with each other, and will work just fine. 5-24vdc is a standard ssr drive signal voltage that is commonly used in industrial controls. it is a simple on-off pulse, the duty cycle is determined by the pid controller, not the ssr...
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    PID overkill?

    i use a pid on one of my keezers, but only because i already had it (got it for free during an upgrade at my work) and i had everything lying around in the garage to put it together. i programmed it to operate as a on-off control, so it operates like a ranco or johnson stand-alone controller...
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    NEW KEG SALE! HBT *ONLY* Promo Code! -

    Code please :) i could use a few 2.5 gallon kegs.
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    sous vide

    i've done the crockpot+pid controller for sous vide, it does work but it takes awhile for the temperature to stabilize at the setpoint. i have a large oval rival crockpot, i think it's an 8 quart model, and it takes about 3 hours for the temperature to stabilize before you can put the...
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    Bought 3 kegs, one has a port on the bottom, can i use the port?

    that's a golden gate keg, the tapping equiment requires 2 units- the lower port is the beer out , the port on the top is the gas in. pressure and gravity taps are available, i own a set of each :) the only brewing company i know of that still uses them is mcmenamin's based in oregon...
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    cloudy/flat seltzer (using motorized carbonator)

    do you have a good check valve in the water line to your carbonator? you should have a check valve before the inlet to the pump, and it can't contain any brass or copper. some health departments require a double stainless-steel check valve before the carbonator to meet health codes.
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    Soda dispenser - backflow problems

    you can use as many additional inline check valves as you want to, provided they contain no brass or copper which creates toxic compounds in the presence of carbonic acid. if the pump on your carbonator is brass and the bad check valve is between the pump and the carbonator tank you'll have to...
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    Fridge-less Kegerator?

    sounds like you are looking for a premix soda dispenser. something like this a premix dispenser works just like a jockey box but has it's own refrigeration system built-in so no ice is needed. the soda...
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    northern tool sells a cast iron grinder that comes with a v-belt pulley, it's very heavy-duty and is about $80 new. pair it up with a small motor and it will grind anything and last forever. no plastic parts anywhere.
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    Kegging in modified sankes

    the spear can be completely disassembled for cleaning. sabco sells replacement gaskets
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    Kegging in modified sankes

    well, there is specialized equipment made for removing the spear, but you really don't need it. most get by with a screwdriver and a pair of pliers. the special tools are nice (one tool presses down on the spear and seats the gasket while you use another tool to remove or replace the ring)...
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    Are all aluminum CO2 tanks the same?

    very few shops in the seattle area fill co2 on a while-you-wait basis, and it's always much more expensive than tank exchange. even the big companies (praxair and airgas) don't do custom refills anymore. airgas will exchange a 20lb tank for $17. that's the cheapest i've found.
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    Soda Machine Carbonator

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    Carbonator Installed.

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    Carbonator Installed.

    my system is similar, although my carbonator is a selmix santa fe fast flow model with a bigger tank than your mccanns unit. i have found it best to force carbonate a full keg of water at 70-80psi overnight, then connect the carbonator and tap lines to the keg, basically with the keg already...
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    Autosparge and March pump

    the march pumps are not positive displacement units, so shutting off the flow won't damage them.
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    Harbor Frieght 4 1/2" angle grinder $18.45!

    sometimes that grinder goes on sale for $9.95
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    Will a 1/2 hp sump pump work on a barley crusher?

    a possible problem might be the bearings, usually the bearings in centrifugal pump motors aren't very robust and aren't designed to take side loads..
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    Kegging then counter pressure glass bottle filling?

    the old glass coke bottles were heavy and thick for a reason...
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    favorite worst beer

    i miss real oly beer, brewed in tumwater....:( it was clint eastwood approved :) :) they were another victim of big brewery buyout-and-kill... miller bought the brewery and killed it. oly is now brewed in california and is nowhere near as good as it was.... granted, it was lawnmower beer...