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    eBIAB - control panel died? Need help troubleshooting

    Also while your at it, with the power off, might also just give all the terminals a check to make sure they are all still tight. They can become loose overtime.
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    EZ boil, unstable temp readings

    I'm using this Auber SSR. It says " zero-cross turn on ", so I'm assuming that's the same?
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    EZ boil, unstable temp readings

    Just to add to the conversation: I was getting some temps on my new setup that were bouncing around (Auber SYL-2802 Dual Channel temp meter). I put the filters on max (5) and that seems to have stabilized the temperatures, meaning I was getting electrical interference within the controller box...
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    Controller for RIMS & Boil?

    I've been re-exploring RIMS setup, and currently have one similar to the OP's (DIY controller and an Inkbird for the RIMS). I would think that once the HLT gets up to the strike temperature and is ready for the mash, that much less than 5500kw would be needed to maintain near that temperature...
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    Junction box identification

    I'd probably start with a vacuum hose or compressed air, so you can better see the colors of the wires :) Is there a fourth wirenut in the back? If there is no other wire colors other than Black, Green/Bare, or White, then it's probably at best a 20amp circuit. Else, what others have said...
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    Storing kegs wet after cleaning

    When its done and mostly dry, you can also take a paper towel (or maybe even some unused paper facemasks) and wrap it around the keg 2" opening. Then use a rubber-band to keep it in place. Moisture can get out, but dust and particulates wont' be able to get in.
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    Need 240V PID wiring diagram

    What type of 1amp and 10amp inline fuses are suggested? Something like these?
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    Power cord with inline 240V GFI protection

    $1100 sounds really high. A spa panel costa about $80 in my area. To wire in a 30amp plug about 2 feet away from my main panel in the garage cost about $170. I would get a second or third quote.
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    Odd size tri-clamp

    Outsize flange of 5-1/8" converted to mm is ~130.2mm. Looking at the chart I linked to, that looks like a 4.5" Tri-clamp. Still an odd-size.
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    Pull-Through Fittings for Soldering Upgrade Hole Size

    So to satisfy my own curiosity I measured the 5 couplers I have at home with a set of calipers. Sizes ranged from 24.0mm (15/16-inch, or 30/32-inch) to 24.8mm (31/32-inch). With most being closer to 24.8mm than 24.0mm. You are in luck in that I recently ordered from Brewhardare two of the...
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    Odd size tri-clamp

    I'd try AliExpress. Before you go there, however. Get your size in both Inch and millimeter. I don't know this seller, but they do include a table in the listing that gives the different measurements.
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    Pull-Through Fittings for Soldering Upgrade Hole Size

    Not all 1/2" couplers (at least the ones in my inventory) are all the same OD. I'd measure mine to let you get a sample of the range, but I'm not home right now. Some sellers might have detailed dimensions, or willing to take measurements for you.
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    50%off discount — Only $10.74 can get one Inkbird waterproof instant read thermometer!

    What the heck. Might as well round out my options with the Inkbird temperature monitoring. Please send me a code.
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    50% OFF - Amazing combo offer for Inkbird ITC-308 temperature controller & INK-HM 20W heat mat

    I would be interested, please. Anything on the horizon for the IPB-16S?