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    Opinions on my ward water report

    I wanted to share my water report from Ward lab to see if I could get some opinions and insights from some of the knowledgeable people in this community. I have a very limited understanding of water chemistry, but these numbers seem to indicate that I have pretty soft water that would be a good...
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    What is temporarily muting hop aroma/flavor?

    On my last couple of highly hopped beers I have had the experience of losing hop aroma/ flavor when they are first kegged. I immediately think that I have had some sort of oxygen ingress somewhere in my process and attribute the lack of aroma/flavor to that and I assume that the batch is ruined...
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    My galaxy 2019 hops are terribe!

    I know that the quality of hops can vary widely based on sources, storage conditions, etc., but I am just curious how many others are having bad experiences with Galaxy hops. I recently made an NEIPA with a citra-mosaic-galaxy hop combination and the beer tasted HORRIBLE! I suspected that the...
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    Sanitizer question

    I seem to have a wild yeast that has taken up residence in my brew space that IODOPHOR works on, but star San does not. About a year ago, I had an issue with something giving my beers a really harsh astringency and a slight phenolic flavor that muted all of the hop flavor and aroma. I do...
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    Using too much yeast cake?

    So I have noticed that when I use too much slurry from a yeast cake, I get off flavors in my beer. When I re-pitch the slurry, I usually use half of the yeast cake from the previous batch in a new five gallon batch. Is this too much? I detect what I think are fusels in the resulting beer every...
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    can RO water still have chlorine or chloramines?

    For my most recent brew, I wanted to try to use all RO water and build the appropriate water profile by adding back calcium-chloride, gypsum and Epsom. I used the water profile calculator on brewers friend to determine the needed quantities. The brew day went fine and I hit all of my numbers...
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    oxidation problems when dry hopping

    The last three beers that I dry hopped seemed to have oxidation issues. I am assuming it's oxidation because what happened to the beers seemed to fit the descriptions of the oxidation that I've read about. The hop flavor is gone and it is replaced by a flavor that my palette perceives as wet...
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    Please give me feedback on my ESB recipe

    I am planning on brewing an ESB soon and this is the recipe that I am putting together for it. I would appreciate some feedback on it. Thanks. Style: ESB TYPE: All Grain Recipe Specifications -------------------------- Batch Size (fermenter): 5.5 gal Estimated OG: 1.054 Estimated...
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    M54 Californian Lager

    Hello, everyone. I am a longtime reader of this forum (more than two years) and I have never posted because I have always been able to find any information that I need simply by doing a search here. This place is a wealth of information! Thanks! Anyway, I finally have something that I have not...