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  1. Atek

    SNA/TOSNa tool

    Thought some people might like access to this tool a friend and I created. Forms version: Spreadsheet version: Direct Download...
  2. Atek

    [HELP]Mead Brew Meeting

    Hey guys, I am hosting a brew meeting for our local brew club next month and the topic is meads. I am the most experienced in the group with meads, I know there is plenty to talk about but I wanted to get some ideas from you guys. What are some questions you'd want answered in a club meet?
  3. Atek

    Smoked Honey Mead

    Ok so this could be interesting. I have a friend who suggested I bring him some honey and he will cold smoke it with Pecan wood. I'll likely be doing a one gallon batch similar to the latest iteration of the BOMM mead. I am curious if anyone has tried anything similar to this, my only reference...
  4. Atek

    Dry Hopping Mead

    Ok, this may have been done before, if so I apologize. I was curious about those who have dry hopped meads and what the findings are. Basically which hops did you like the best, what amount of hops per gallon and how long did you let it sit. I know there is no absolute right answer but I was...
  5. Atek

    Pear melomel possible infection - log

    Just starting this to log some funk goin on with my pear melomel. Have not yet tasted this and it is about 1 month into ferment, was a very high og brew. Some of the pears that were pressed were a bit bruised and soft to the core so I am kind of expecting an infection. Everything was sulfited...
  6. Atek

    Calculating Residual Sugar Meads

    Ok, this seems to confuse the hell out of me. I get Calculating residual sugar for wines as 1gram sugar/litre is .1% residual sugar correct? How is this done for honey as 1gram of honey is not = to 1 gram of sugar.... Is there an easy trick to do this?
  7. Atek

    Skeeter Mead

    I started this thread due to some discussions on the skeeter pee thread. I will be doing some testing of implementing and mead variation of the skeeter pee lemon wine. There seemed to be some interest in this so anyone else currently making a skeeter mead or planning to please don't e shy :-)
  8. Atek

    apple peach cider scum

    I have an apple peach cider that finished up and was racked about 2 weeks ago now. I used Nottingham on it and it had a pretty noticeable banana ester smell to it. Not repulsive or anything. I haven't tasted it yet. Once I racked off the pulp I only had 2.5-3 gallons left and placed that in a 5...
  9. Atek

    Show us your cider in a photo!!!

    I'll go first. Plum cider and apple/peach cider. All hand juiced with a kitchen aid type juicer.... Never doing that again....
  10. Atek

    Apricot Melomel Recipe Development

    Alright, I was hoping we (all who are interested) could work together in developing a nice apricot recipe. I have some ideas based on some of Jack Kellers apricot wines and the only Apricot recipe on gotmead. I am looking for something fairly light, not necessarily sweet or at least not very if...
  11. Atek

    Fruit garden

    Hey guys, I wasn't sure where to put this so I figured this would be a safe place. I'm having an issue with my fruit plants (blackberry and blueberry). The leaves are yellowing up and dying despite ample watering. It has been fairly hot (low 90's) and the plants on question do get the hottest...
  12. Atek

    Riesling Pyment Question

    Hey guys, I am looking to devise a new recipe for a riesling pyment. The only recipe I have is from Schramms book which uses 5 gal riesling juice and 7lb honey which according to Schramm yeilded a must of 19 brix or 8%abv. I am wanting to get closer to 16% however I cannot for the life of me...
  13. Atek

    Preserving honey

    Hi guys, I am pondering getting a 60lb pail of honey from Dutch gold. Ken Schramm really stresses using fresh honey and I'm not likely to use all 60lb in less than a year. I am concerned that the honey may lose quality while waiting in the pail after its been opened. Am I over thinking this...
  14. Atek

    Forgot to aerate

    Hi guys, First post over on the Beer side here. My dad and I started a Coffee porter stout the other day. It had stopped all signs of fermentation after two weeks so I racked it off to sit for another week before adding the coffee. Well I took a gravity reading and it only calculated out to...
  15. Atek

    Coffee Vanilla Pyment

    20lb honey 1 packet K1-v1116 (71b also yeilds great results) 10 Cups Red Grapes 5 tsp cocoa powder 5 tbsp coffee 15 Whole Cloves 5oz vanilla extract 2 vanilla beans 5tsp nutrient (add 2 tsp at initial fermentation and 1 tsp every day for 3 days after that while oxygenating) Heat water to 150...
  16. Atek

    Ham/Rotting greens smell

    Hey guys, I've been putting off asking about this. I made a batch of blueberry melomel, on this batch (5gal) I added 3 1/2 split vanilla beans. I left this in for 1 day and racked off as the smell was just off. Like a woody vanilla or almost like pie crust. Not a terrible smell but it caused the...
  17. Atek

    Blueberry Maple Wine

    Hey guys, wanted to get an opinion on something here. I've calculated a Blueberry wine recipe based off of the following blueberry wine recipe: Here is my remixed recipe: Yeast: standard wine yeast should do Batch Size:2gal Original Gravity: 1.176 Final Gravity: 1.034 Other Variables...
  18. Atek

    PH Questions

    Ok, so I started a 5gal batch of Schramms sweet mead using clover honey. I took a ph reading when I started and I'm not sure what to think. My PH strips will read from 2.8 up to 4.4 and shows from light green to dark blueish green. The indicator itself is a pale blue. What gets me is that the ph...
  19. Atek

    Tupelo mead

    Ok, I am wanting to make a batch of mead using tupelo honey as the only honey. I've done some shopping around online and I'm not sure where to buy the honey from. I only want to do a 1gal batch. Well, up to 3gal if the honey price is right but that's not likely with tupelo. Does anyone know a...
  20. Atek

    Home for the Holidays Mead

    Ok, so I started this on 11/27/10 4lbs wildflower honey 2 cups red grapes 1 tsp cocoa powder 1 tbsp coffee 5 whole cloves 1 oz vanilla extract Red Star Pasteur Champagne yeast 1/2 gal tap water 1 tsp yeast nutrient 1 tsp yeast energizer Methods/steps 1. Heat water slowly to 150 and...