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    Average time to complete fermentation

    Hi All, I would apperciate some advice on what your average times to complete fermentation for all grain brewing an IPA. I know there are several variables involved. I am currently fermenting a SMASH IPA and here is some key items: Grain bill was 14 lb. of Ireks Pale Ale Malt 2 oz of...
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    Met target SG - beer still fermenting

    Hello, For latest batch (APA) I have reached target SG within 4 days (from 1.052 to 1.012). I still see active fermentation via regular release of Co2 through blow off tube. What option is best: 1.) Let it continue to ferment until no signs of CO2 releasing resulting in a lower than expected...
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    Oraka Spring water profile for beer styles

    Hello All, I have been looking at Ozarka Spring water for brewing due to the tap water being almost undrinkable and the filtering I have at the house (Berkley) takings too much out of the good things for brewing. I have been told Ozarka spring water is a good source for brewing however when I...
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    Adjusting pH during mashing

    Hello Everyone, Researching effective ways to adjust mash pH after grains have been added. I check at 15 minutes to see pH. I have been using calcium carbonate if the pH is too low and gypsum if the pH is too high. I have moved away from pre-treating strike water because sometimes the pH is...
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    West and East Coast Hops for a Pale Ale

    I am creating a Pale Ale recipe that contains a balance of hops seen in both West coast and East coast style pale ale. I would like to know some of the best hops used in each style. What would you suggest as good combinations? Boil, fermentation, and dry hopping. Thanks!
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    Robobrew V3 35L - Hitting tempuratures

    Hi All, I have made 3 batch with the Robobrew v3 35L and everything is good except one thing: hitting temperatures accurately and quickly. I noticed when starting to heat water for mash in it takes 40-50 minutes to get to initial mash in temp of 143. In addition the Robobrew is off my 13...