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    "Inherited" an EdgeStar KC200A kegerator

    My sweet 8-corny, 4-tap keezer died a few months ago, so I bought a cheap (not really, with today's prices) garage fridge to replace it, but a neighbor gave me the aforementioned kegerator and I'd like to use it, rather than drill holes in t he new fridge. Some questions: The kegerator seems to...
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    Question about splitting a batch

    This weekend I'm going to brew a bitter and split it into two 5-gallon batches, fermenting them with to different yeasts (Timothy Taylor and Cullercoats) that I've received from Brewlab in the UK. I typically whirlpool and let my 10-gallon batches of wort settle before filling the fermenter...
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    Bramling Cross availability?

    They aren't the most popular hop in the States, but I like to use Bramling Cross in my bitters and ESBs. I seem to have depleted the local supply of them, so I was excited when a liquor store with a homebrew section announced that they'd restocked. I was in the middle of my brew day when I...
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    Free craft beer and pizza for life (If you're a millionaire NBA star)

    My favorite San Antonio brewery is trying to coax Kawhi Leonard to stay with the Spurs by offering him free beer and pizza for the rest of his life.
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    Are heatsinks necessary for my temperature controller build?

    Please save me from over-engineering my Raspberry Pi and Arduino-based chest freezer controller. :) I have a 15 cubic foot chest freezer that uses a 50-watt reptile heater as a heat source. I decided to use a couple of cheap 25-amp SSRs to control the heating and cooling outlets. I figured that...
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    Cigar City beers available in the Fort Benning area?

    My neighbor is traveling there for his son's graduation so I was wondering if it's widely available in the area, or will he have to seek out a certain store? I think they also distribute in Alabama, so I guess that Montgomery is also a possibility? Thanks for any assistance you can offer. If he...
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    1/2" ball valve to ball lock?

    I purchased NorCal's stainless dip tubes for my Speidel fermenters. I'd like to connect the 1/2" 3-piece ball valve to a ball lock Corny liquid connector for racking to a keg. What hardware should I purchase? I see 1/2" NPT barbs, but those are way too big for a ball lock connector. Any suggestions?
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    How do I add an element select switch?

    I'm planning to build a BCS462-based RIMS system with 3 4500W elements. Obviously I can't fire more than 2 elements simultaneously on a 50A circuit, but the schematic I'm using appears to allow all 3 elements to fire in either Manual or Auto modes. I'd like to set it up to only allow the RIMS or...
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    New BCS-462 owner could use a little help.

    I'm converting a 3-keggle system from propane to electric RIMS; I have most of the parts for the control panel and I'm itching to get started. Does anyone have a config file that they could share with me so that I can see how this device is used in the real world? I'm fiddling around with it a...
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    Flavor fades too quickly. Suggestions?

    I brewed a Timothy Taylor Landlord clone using a variation of the Northern Brewer recipe. It was very tasty, but I asked a friend to critique it against a bottle of the real deal. I trust his tasting skills completely; I fear that my tastebuds have withered with age. I understand that the...
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    Stainless steel question

    I've obtained a dip tube that is stainless steel, but the nut portion of the compression fitting has a nasty black coating. It is labeled Parker 316 TW. I tried scrubbing off a bit of the black stuff and saw some shinier metal underneath, but I'm not sure I could clean the whole thing since it's...
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    Help needed with brew stand plumbing connections

    I'm working on a single tier, natural gas stand that will have 2 pumps and a plate chiller. I batch sparge and use 2 Sanke kegs for the HLT and BK; a rectangular cooler sits on another table and serves as the MT. (I'll probably switch to a Sanke MT one of these days.) I'm not very good at...
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    Oxyclean grit

    I usually fill a large Rubbermaid container with water and Oxyclean when I clean my kegs and brewing equipment. I've never had a problem with leaving stuff to soak overnight but over the last few weeks I've had a problem with a gritty residue. It removes easily enough in a Starsan soak but I...
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    Replacement ball valve parts source?

    The ball valve on my kettle has developed a very slow leak. I examined it closely and the concave (on one side) plastic washer looks like it's been slightly damaged (by an improper threading attempt, I suppose.) Where can I buy a replacement or two?
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    How many pounds of CO2 in a 10-pound CO2 tank?

    It seems like the answer should be obvious, but today I brought my new 10-pound tank to the LHBS and had it filled. I watched the guy weigh it and it came to a little over 6 pounds (verified by my home scale) and that's all they charged me for, but I was wondering if I should take it to a...
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    Coming soon from Wyeast?

    200-year-old beer recovered from a shipwreck and the yeast is apparently still living.
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    Yeast starter looks kind of strange

    I made a starter last night and when I woke up this morning it looked different than the other 4 or 5 I've made in the past. I'm used to seeing a somewhat homogeneous-looking, cream-colored flask of yeasty goodness whirling away on the stir plate (and that's what it looked like for the first...
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    Clueless recipe question

    I'm still doing extract brews and they've been turning out rather nicely. I decided to move away from pre-packaged kits and collected a bunch of recipes for some of my favorite beers (Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous, Tim Taylor's Landlord, etc.) that I wanted to try my hand at. I made a list of...
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    Flying with bottled beer

    Howdy. I'm new to the hobby/obsession and I've learned a lot here. Cheers. My first batch (ESB, extract kit from MoreBeer) has been in the primary for 8 days now. I'm flying to California in 3 weeks for my daughter's wedding and some friends have been following my brewing saga and they've...