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    beer line mystery!

    what type of cleaner do you use to clean your kegs? oxyclean can leave a metallic taste in beer if equipment such as kegs are not thoroughly rinsed. This could be the culprit. hopefully its just carbonic.
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    Best way to plan a homebrew tasting/crawfish party?

    You can transfer the two batches you have fermenting now to the kegs when you get them, prime them with some sugar (most people say use half the amount of sugar you would use for bottles to get the same carbonation so about 2.5 ounces for 5 gallons should do you good) and put them away at room...
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    How long are co2 tanks supposed to last?

    So far my 5# co2 tank has lasted over 12 (5 gallon) kegs. More than half of those were force carbed, the others I used priming sugar to carb.
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    I'm on "Pimp my system"

    LOL @ the guy that lets his dirty carboys sit for weeks before cleaning them telling me MY carboys arent completely clean.....
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    I'm on "Pimp my system"

    Dude, you've let dirty carboys sit for WEEKS before cleaning them?? Do you let you dirty dishes sit in your sink for that long too? lol Takes me about 5 minutes to clean a carboy to perfection with a carboy brush and hot water. I clean them within and hour or so of emptying them though.
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    Dissolve pumpkin in sparge water?

    This is exactly what I did when I brewed my first pumpkin beer just a couple of weeks ago, matter of fact I kegged it just the other day. For my 5 gallon all grain brew I put 2 cans of roasted pumpkin in my strike water and whisked it up with an aerator I have that attaches to a drill. When...
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    question about beer comp. registry. can someone help a noob??

    Thank you, TopherM! I appreciate you helping me figure this out. Also, this competition is sanctioned by the AHA/BJCP. It would be a lot less confusing if they just said that is what the extra info is for instead of stating "your entry will be more complete" lol. I am going to leave all of...
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    question about beer comp. registry. can someone help a noob??

    Thanks!! I will just indicate wheat in that blank. OK, on more question. There is a section stating: "Optional Information The information below is not required to process your entry. However, the more information you provide about your entry, the more complete the required entry...
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    question about beer comp. registry. can someone help a noob??

    I am very excited to be participating in my very first beer competition that will be judged next month, but a little confused on one part of the registration. On the online registration there is a spot to put the name of the brew, ok i get that. Then the style, I'm good to go there. But the...
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    What do you rock while you brew?

    I usually go for live recordings, which is also what I listen to mostly while not brewing. Grateful Dead are probably played the most in my house for any occasion. If brewing on sundays I tune in to the locally owned radio station and listen to the "sunday jazz brunch" show which is always...
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    What the crap?!!?

    I would guess there may be something interfering with the flow of beer somewhere in the system. Maybe there is some gunk in the out poppet? If you havent already you should probably take the out post off and check for blockage. Of course you want to relieve the pressure from keg first. (duh). It...
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    who is using AEB kegs?

    I have a couple of the aeb kegs and a few used cornies. I am not sure about the post conversions. The diptubes are angled just like my old ball lock cornies. I have noticed when I am tightening the out post (the one with the long dip tube) once it gets starts to get tight the dip tube turns with...
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    mashing white wheat. protein rest?

    I've done some searching but can't seem to find a definitive answer. I want to make a wheat beer using about 40% RAHR White Wheat. This will be all grain. Hopefully someone who has used this grain can give some insight. The last batch I brewed I used the white wheat for the first time and...
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    Dry hopping in the keg

    this is a slightly off topic but here's a question for people who naturally carbonate and dry hop in the keg. Do you toss the hops in the keg when you rack from your fermentation vessel into your keg, or do you wait until your brew is carbonated then open the keg and dry hop? I assume it...
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    anyone have 3 empty white labs yeast vials laying around??

    no, I aim to have 3 vial tap handles.
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    anyone have 3 empty white labs yeast vials laying around??

    Yes, this is what I'm aiming to do. :rockin:
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    anyone have 3 empty white labs yeast vials laying around??

    I will be scrubbing any labels off of the vials. PMs sent. thanks!
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    anyone have 3 empty white labs yeast vials laying around??

    I've been looking around this site for some ideas on tricking my kegerator out and I like the white labs yeast vial tap handles that I've seen pics posted of on here. Here's the deal, my lhbs doesnt carry white labs yeast and I'd rather not have to order some online just to make these tap...
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    Dont use seirra nevada bottles

    i've bottled around 30 batches of brew using SN bottles and have never had any of them chip. I've never had any other bottles chip either. I'de assume your capper is defective or maybe you are applying to much pressure. I guess there a chance the bottles are no good but I doubt it.
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    Funniest bathroom graffiti

    I've always gotten a good kick out of bathroom/porto potty humor. heres one ive seen a few times in portos on the jobsite. 'all turds over 6 inches must be hand lowered due to chemical ass splash; osha code 8437'