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  1. zippyclown

    Remembering ismellweird this November

    Hi all, Occasionally I find myself re-reading that tragic Sewage in Kettle thread and I just realized this morning that last week marks 4 years since that chaos unfolded. It motivated me to assemble what I think were mell's greatest hits. Serious or not, the guy was half genius and half...
  2. zippyclown

    Hack for whirlpool arm with no internal threads?

    Hi all, I have a 2nd port on my brew kettle for a thermometer. I removed it to install a whirlpool arm, bought lots of fun parts from home depot, and then noticed there's no connectable threading on the interior of the port. I experienced all 5 stages of grief, and now I ask for your...
  3. zippyclown

    Smallest 7 gall conical fermenter

    Is there a conical fermenter out there between 5 and 8 gallons that can fit in a chamber 31" x 16 x 16? That would have to be pretty compact and not sure it exists. Is it at all cost efficient to have something custom made? Worst case scenerio I will alter the chamber to make the dimensions...
  4. zippyclown

    Weldless brew stand that won't kill me with fumes?

    I'd like to buy all the materials soon to build a brew stand that doesn't require welding. Lots of threads on that topic but from what I'm seeing people are using materials that shouldn't be heated (plated, galvenized struts, etc). Is there a safe way to do this? Something I can get at the...
  5. zippyclown

    DIPA Feedback for me, if you're bored

    Anything seem obviously off here? Thanks! Boil Size: 8.45 gal Post Boil Volume: 7.28 gal Batch Size (fermenter): 6.00 gal Bottling Volume: 5.50 gal Estimated OG: 1.070 SG Target FG: 1.013 ABV: 7.6% Estimated Color: 5.3 SRM Estimated IBU: 102.7 IBUs Brewhouse Efficiency: 72.00 % Est Mash...
  6. zippyclown

    Stink bugs in beer

    I want to dry hop a beer with stink bugs. Halyomorpha halys, also known as the brown marmorated stink bug. The smell is a defense mechanism but it's not a bad smell. See for yourself. Next time you see a stink bug, yell something unsavory about his mother and take a whiff: Freshly cut grass and...
  7. zippyclown

    Not getting that juicy hop "pop" in my IPA's

    The IPA's I'm making don't have that juicy taste or aroma no matter what I do. The hops just always come across muted. My process is nailed down, from controlling temps, to sanitation, to everything in between. So yes I think it's my water. After reading the water "sticky" and various other...
  8. zippyclown

    What was your brewing revelation this year?

    What was your big revelation this year? Something that suddenly clicked, and helped you along with your process or quality? For me, it was that my water really does suck for IPA's. For years I listened to the guys saying, "If it tastes good, brew with it". And those mental cases who answer...
  9. zippyclown

    My beers named after your posts

    Yes, hello. I have a serious idea to run past you. I will be naming my next series of brews after various post titles I see on here tonight. Serious feedback only. Because I am serious. "Death in the family" IPA "What exactly is happening here" cream ale "3rd batch and...
  10. zippyclown

    Problem? Fermentation re-started after dry hopping

    For various reasons that I'm aware of, my little yeastie boys quit early and stuck my ipa at 1.020. I needed it much dryer so after all else failed I pitched in a single packet of us-05 and didn't have much hope. 2 days went by and no change in gravity, so I decided to move on and I loaded my...
  11. zippyclown

    How many batches to make quality beer?

    "Good beer" is subjective, so what I'm wondering is how long you brewed (timeframe, or maybe # of batches) before you were brewing "quality beer" on a consistent basis. I think we brew so many sub-par batches in the beginning that it's easy to fool ourselves into thinking a poor quality beer...
  12. zippyclown

    American Wheat - What should I put in secondary?

    Hey friends, fermentation just ended on an american pale wheat recipe I put together. The recipe is intentionally simple and features just a small amount of late Citra additions. I want to build on it now, when I move it to secondary. What are some interesting things you've done to wheat...
  13. zippyclown

    Writer's block & need ideas for a beer to age

    Can somebody help me out? I want to brew a beer that I can toss in an unused keg and just age for a while. What should I make? Something other than a great big imperial stout. What are some interesting things you may have done or thought of? Thanks for helping me get the gears moving again. zc
  14. zippyclown

    What would you do with this water report?

    Hi All... Looking for a simple response based on my love of brewing all grain IPAs vs. my water report. I have a salt based water softener in my house. If I bypass the water softener, which I understand is detremental, here's what my brewing water would look like. I could use the guidance...
  15. zippyclown

    4 cases of heady topper

    This should hold me over till Monday.
  16. zippyclown

    How's my beer cellar shaping up?

    I'm no expert on what beers are best to age, but I'm using my best judgement and stashing beer away in the 200 year old part of my basement that is cool and cave-like year round. Am I on the right track? Bell's Expedition Stout 2010 Bell's North Coast Ole Ale 2010 Uinta Anniversary Ale 2010...
  17. zippyclown

    Kegerator Condensation?

    Bought an older Bev Air kegerator and got it hooked up and runs great. Don't see any leaks when I spray with star-san but there is some liquid this morning on the floor of the kegerator. Might be coming down from the tower, which is insulated with a blower moving cold air up there, but not sure...
  18. zippyclown

    Heady Topper - UGLY!

    First off I want to say that I love Heady Topper. Truly one of the best beers I've had. Not as exciting as when man first walked on the moon but really it's a fantastic beer. But CHRIST it's an ugly beer if you don't drink it right away. Ok so it says right there front and center on the...
  19. zippyclown

    Who nailed their clone?

    No I'm not referring to that sick fantasy you've always had. Christ!!! Who has a spot on, tried and true, "Holy shoot I freaking nailed it" clone of a great commercial beer? Post the recipe. Really though... Only if you freaking nailed it. zc
  20. zippyclown

    Concerned about the tooth food

    If it's 90 degrees outside and I left a steak on my counter for 12 hours I'd get sick if I ate it right? So why can I go to sleep with steak in my teeth and not be poisoned by it in the morning? Or maybe we are being poisoned by it. Maybe the tooth food is causing the flu. Has anyone...