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    Dry Hop Not Working?

    Pellet hops for me.
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    Buying gear second hand?

    Look for free shipping on What kind of gear are you looking for anyway?
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    You know you're a home brewer when?

    LOL @ keurig. I see this damn thing at 5.15am every mon - thur.
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    Dry Hop Not Working?

    I just want to update everyone. I 'm drinking an IPA I brewed using the advice given here and it worked!! I can't believe I made an awesome IPA. 2 weeks in bottle but it taste and smells great. 1 oz 60mins 1.5oz at 20mins 3 oz hopstand 180f for about 15 -20 mins 2 weeks in primary 1...
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    How can Miller claim its beers to be triple hopped?

    I might use 3 hop varieties? Idk
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    Dry Hop Not Working?

    Yeah. If this batch comes out jacked up again, I'm done trying to make beer. It's getting out of hand. Nothing I have made taste good. I don't know how people say the sample from bottling taste great. Mine taste bad, period. I got new yeast, bottled water, fermentation fridge with temp...
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    Dry Hop Not Working?

    They say that the hop oils get lost in primary because the oils stick to the yeast in suspension. Less yeast = less aroma loss
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    Dry Hop Not Working?

    I'm not even going to bother dry hopping in primary anymore. This time around i'm going off the trub. anyway, It'd be nice to see how this turns out. If I remember about it. I'll post about how my dry hopped turns out. Been trying for months I really want to make this work.
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    Cost to upgrade 240v panel

    Is he just adding a 30 amp breaker inside the current panel? Or running a new sub panel? Do you have an electric dryer, electric water heater or electric stove? If so, you already have 240v service. You just need to run a new circuit. It is hard to say without looking at it but it could be...
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    Dry Hop Not Working?

    I've dry hopped 2 batches with 2 oz of hops. I got no aroma. I am going to be dry hopping this next week with 4 oz of hops. I hope it works this time. It's really bothering me too. Edit: I bottle condition also.
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    My stout has a sharp "bite", is my water the culprit?

    How long did you leave the bottle in the fridge? Put a few in the back of the fridge for a week before tasting. Shoot, even a couple days make a difference.
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    Frosty glass or straight from bottle?

    You should be drinking all beer from a glass.
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    Craft Beer Festival - what to do besides. . .

    Gourmet food trucks! Edit. Might not work.since the event is at a restaurant
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    HELP! One 3/4in stainless steel washer wanted!

    Like this one?
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    Who uses garden hose water to brew?

    yeah. I prefer wintergreen over mint also. : ]
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    Two fridges, one circuit

    I'm going to say this and maybe someone else will chime in. You should have a 15amp breaker protecting that circuit and I want to say that the fridge alone is pulling about 7amps. So, two of them puts you at a14 amp draw. Anything else else on the circuit will over load causing the breaker to...
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    Who uses garden hose water to brew?

    any hose will get you 'hose water taste' if you let the water sit. I use a 6ft hose for brewing and I hang it up to dry after use. The water from the hose bibb is the same water that comes out of your kitchen faucet and in your toilet. I apologize if you already know this.
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    Best way to get into all grain

    I like the way he explains everything. Nice guy. Mash Tun All Grain brewing.
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    Ideas for removing a stripped nut from a post?

    I vote for pipe wrench with 24 inch cheater bar. j/K
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    Brewtarget 2.0 Update

    I don't remember anymore. I will keep note of it and update if it happens again. Thanks