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    Infection? with pics

    Update Well nothing seems to being growing any bigger and i dont see anything eles going on im thinking about racking it to a new carboy and see if anything grows back in the 2 weeks i really wanted to leave it on the yeast cake but, i dont i would like to see what happens in a clean carboy...
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    Infection? with pics

    2-row barley chocolate malt roasted barley dextrine
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    Infection? with pics

    im more concerned with the white film on the top of the beer
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    Infection? with pics

    yea creeps me out. Why no racking?
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    Infection? with pics

    Its been in for a week, yes i tasted it, it was bitter and had an off taste of iron but that didnt surprise me i have alot of iron in my water and this was the first time i used just my well water. But it did have off smell coming through the roasty smells. No that is not hops i did not use...
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    Infection? with pics

    No its not hops i dont know what it is and the first to look like white spider webs i just couldnt get a good pic through the glass
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    Infection? with pics
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    Slime in boil and fermenter

    thank you i never noticed it before i this brew
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    Slime in boil and fermenter

    I have done 3 all grains but, this was the first time i saw a film like slime on top of my boil. Also i can see it sticking to the side of my carboy. Im not to worried about it but i do want to know what it could be. If it matters 6-pd 2-row .75-chocolate 1-pd cara pills .75-roasted...
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    Need help on boiling wort

    I only have a 5 gallon boil kettle and i will need about 6 gallons of wort to hit my final volume of 5 gallons after the boil. My question is since im limited by a 5 gallon boil can i just throw the extra wort in after the boil or should i throw it in after a 1 hour boil and then boil for...
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    What do you think of this stout

    OG FG IBU SRM ABV 1.044 - 1.060 1.012 - 1.024 20 - 40 30 - 40 4.00 - 6.00 1.055 1.016 16.4 45.43 5.11 Recipe Parameters Target Style Sweet Stout Volume 5 Gallons Efficiency 75% My Custom Recipe Ingredient Name Amount Briess 2-Row Brewer's Malt 8 lbs, 0 oz Briess Roasted...
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    Help with making a stout

    Can someone tell me what i need in a stout. Im doing an all grain brew i have dont them before but i havent made my own recipe yet. I would like to make a stout with alot of chocolate and coffee taste and smell to it but dont want to add and real coffee.
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    your best scotch ale recipe

    im doing an all grain i will look and the wee heavy anything i should look out for when making a scotch this will be my first ale
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    dirty bastard scotch ale

    i was wondering if anyone could tell me how they get that scotch like taste in this beer,what type of grains would give that flavorer or is it something else?
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    evolution rise up stout recipe?

    Has anyone tried to clone this?
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    Carbonation problems help

    I bottled a porter i made a week ago and just opened one but there was little to no carbonation. I used 1/2 tsp of table sugar per 12 oz bottle dose that sound right, the temp has been around 70 the whole time. Should i wait it out or add more sugar?
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    How does founders carbonate their beer?

    then why so much yeast in the bottle.